Mar 30, 2012

Subscribe and Save


With our super busy lifestyles, many of us do not have time to monitor all of the savings websites and blogs for great deals! So, an easy solution is to sign up as an email subscriber and all of the deals will be emailed to you. If you have a smart phone - it'll be that much easier for you - because you can simply review the savings emails as you have time (while waiting in line at the bank, carpool, or for fast food - among many other times). 

One of the things I love about the hip2save website is at the end of the day, they post a "Daily Dose" with all the deals that are still available that they've posted throughout the day. They even break them down into categories: Freebies, Coupons/Rebates, In-Store Deals, Online Bargains, Restaurant Offers, etc. I get the email every day at about 6:00 pm (eastern time) and I can quickly scan through the list to see if there is anything that I missed throughout the day that I really want to jump on! You can also subscribe to this blog (look to the right), and each time I post, an email will automatically be sent to you. It's a huge time saver and you're sure not to miss out on any great money saving opportunities!

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