Mar 7, 2012

Adding a New Store to my Repertoire

Rite Aid - I've been hesitant to start monitoring another store because I figured all I could handle were the ones I currently use. However, I think I'm simply going to do a switch. I was previously shopping at Walgreen's a lot because I get my prescriptions there, but I only get those prescriptions once every 3 months. Plus, Walgreen's is not close to my house or usual driving path! So, I am going to be learning the ropes at Rite Aid instead. What I've learned so far:
- Their customer card is called the Wellness Card and you can get one at the check-out
- Their rewards are called Up rewards and are just like CVS extra-care bucks that print on the bottom of your receipt

Yesterday I was able to get 3 packages of Pampers diapers for a net cost of $11 (or $3.66 each)! So I'd say I'm off to a pretty good start! More Rite Aid updates to follow as I learn more! 


Bebe Bella - one of my favorite sites for super-soft baby items - is having a 65% off Minky Baby Blanket sale. I know TONS of pregnant people right now (two of them are my sisters!!!) and these make fantastic gifts! Just enter the code: cuckoo65 in to get 65% off (making blankets that are normally $52, only $18.20). Also, their weekly deal is on Child Hats, Mittens, and Scarves - starting at only $3.20! Just go to

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