Aug 24, 2011

September Friday Freebie - Coming soon...

I've been bringing a little less than my "A Game" recently to this blog, and I'm really sorry. But I'm ready to start fresh. I think it is the time of year. This is the time of year when I really think about starting over, renewed zeal, making resolutions. Maybe that's because I'm a teacher and the new school year just does that to me. But I'm determined to make this a useful tool to all of you out there...whether you like it or not! :)

Since I've dropped the ball the past couple of months I need to make up for it. So, I'm going to be sponsoring a huge Friday Freebie for the month of September!!! Most of the time the Friday Freebie is worth $5-10, but for September - it's going to be an amazing dollars!!!! 

That's all the hint you're going to get for now about what it is... 

I won't be posting the Friday Freebie "deal" until September 1st, and the drawing will take place on the 16th. So be sure to spread the word and check back on the 1st to sign up!

Aug 19, 2011

A Shopping High

I know that the amazing deals you can get at the various stores may be old-hat to a lot of you, but I want to share today's experience with all of you, in case there are some out there who are still not convinced and think it just takes way too long to do this stuff! I just got home from a rather impromptu trip to Walgreen's and CVS. I was on my way home from teaching some lessons and I was close to a Walgreen's - so I decided to stop in. I had two raincheck slips from last week because they were out of the Keri lotion that was on sale with the Register Rewards for a total net of $.99, and they were also out of the Papermate 10 pack of mechanical pencils that were on sale for $.39. One of the cool things that Walgreen's does is if there is a register reward associated with the item that they have out of stock, the price guaranteed on the raincheck is the one with the register reward factored in. So - the Keri Lotion wasn't on sale this week and was back to its usual price of $9.99, but I was armed with my raincheck (and the super nice manager gave me the raincheck for 2 bottles at $.99 each). Then I had 2 manufacturer coupons for $2 off each - so I made $1 on each of them. I had several other things in my transaction to absorb the overage - so that was nice. Well, much to my surprise and delight - the register printed out a $5 Register Reward for the purchase of 2 Keri Lotions! So, not only did I make $1 on each bottle, but I made an additional $5!!! I ended up walking away from Walgreen's with all of the following for a total of $5.16 (total:
4 - 1/2 inch binders
3 - bags of Twizzlers
3 - bags of Brach's Candy Corn
2 - bottles of 15 oz. Keri Lotion
2 - bags of 10 count Papermate Mechanical Pencils
And I have $6 in Register Rewards for next time!

So, I was feeling so good about my purchases at Walgreen's, that I decided to pop into CVS before heading home. I remembered that a few things were on sale that I wanted to check on. Of course I scanned my Extra Care Card on the magic coupon machine and it printed out tons of coupons. The most significant ones were for a free box of CVS brand fabric bandages (up to $4.59 in value) and a free Hershey's Caramello Bar, $3 off the new Huggies Slip-On diapers, and $3 off a $15 Babycare purchase. Well, I had already printed off CVS and manufacturer coupons for the Huggies Slip-On Diapers (that were also part of the free gas promo). So, I decided to go ahead and get 3 packages of the diapers (since I now had 3 CVS coupons for $3 off each and 2 manufacturer coupons for $2 off each), and the baby care coupon. Then I realized I was only $3 shy of qualifying for the free gas card. So, I added a few more things to my basket (paired with coupons) to get me to the $30 mark. Then I added in the free items that I mentioned above - and realized I was up to about $46 worth of stuff. So, I added some packs of Trident Gum (which were on sale and I had coupons for them) to get me to the $50 mark - so I could use the $10 off a $50 purchase coupon. This may sound totally confusing but - I ended up getting everything in the picture for a grand out-of-pocket total of $3.21 + $3 in Extra Care Bucks + $10 gas card!!!! I basically made $10 on everything I bought!!! It was so much fun!

So here's the kicker: I spent ZERO time at home going over lists and salespapers trying to figure out how to make this work. I just had my coupon binder with me and matched them up in the store. I was in and out of CVS in less than 20 minutes! It can be done people - with basically NO prep time! I'm stocked on diapers for a while, my candy bag for my students is stocked, and I have plenty of lotion. Ahhh! I'm on a total shopping high!!! :)

Aug 10, 2011

15% off Half-Case Mix-Match Wines at Harris Teeter

In addition to the amazing super double coupon event going on right now, Harris Teeter is giving an additional 10% off on its 1/2 cases of wine - for a total of 15% off!!! Better yet - you can mix and match any wine you want! So, that means that the Melano Terrace Zinfandel (not white zin!!!) on sale for $7.99 (usually $14.99) that I'm loving recently is only going to be $6.80/bottle! And the Simply Naked Wine (all varieties) that is usually $15.99 and is on sale for $7.99, will be $6.80/bottle. That is an amazing discount and definitely a "stock up" price!

Aug 9, 2011

Move Studio Charlotte - Grand Opening Week = $5 classes

Hey Everyone! Remember my mentioning the awesome Pilates classes I'm taking at Move Studio Charlotte a couple of weeks back? Well, they're a brand new business (just opened in May) and they're doing a big Grand Opening Week starting on August 27th. In addition to their regularly scheduled classes, they are going to offer new and different classes - and all will only be $5/class (they're normally $15/class)!!! This would be an excellent time to check them out! I'm hoping to get my husband there for the social dance night (Wednesday)! I'm thinking that would be a great date night activity!!! This is a great locally-owned/operated give them a try!!!

*By the way - if you need childcare - they offer it for only $3/class!!!!

Aug 5, 2011

Harris Teeter

First - August 5-9, e-Vic members can get Pampers Jumbo pack of diapers for $5.99 each (limit of 2 - normally $9.99 each). Since you're an e-Vic member, you can load e-coupons onto your VIC card. To get an amazing deal on Pampers - load the e-Vic coupon for $1.00 off Pampers Cruisers and the $1.00 off Pampers Sensitive Diapers. In this past Sunday's paper there was a $2.00 off Pampers Swaddler's Sensitive, Swaddlers, Cruisers, and Limited Edition Prints, or Extra Protection Diapers. If you've got 2 of those - then you can do the following:
Buy one Pampers Cruisers and one Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers - $5.99 each
The two e-Vic coupons for $1.00 off each will automatically come off when you check-out
Then Use the two $2.00 off manufacturer coupons from last week's paper
Total cost of the diapers is only $2.99 each!
I know I'm excited about this!!!

Second, another e-Vic special is for Skintimate and Edge Shave Gel for $1.99 each - limit 2. There were 55¢ coupons in the paper a while back. If you still have them, they'll double to $1.10 - so you can get two shave gels (normally about $2.49 - 2.99) for only 89¢ each!

Third, I've heard rumors from very credible sources that Harris Teeter is doing Super Double Coupons starting next Wednesday (August 11th)!!!! So start getting your coupons ready and looking online for those great $1.00 and $1.50 coupons that will double!!!

Happy Shopping!!!

New Code for My Habit

Remember my telling you about the awesome $25 free code for that expired August 1st? Well, they've got a new code up for another $25!!! No minimum purchase! Just type in INTLSHIP and it will take $25 off your order. And, shipping is always free (within the US). Also, if you have credit with - you can use that on It's the same username/password! They post new items at 12:00 est every day. In case you've looked before and been disappointed that everything good was sold out, know that you're not alone. I set my timer for at least 4-5 days last month and was on the site right at 12:00 to look through to find something. I kid you not when I say that by the time I decided what I wanted (about 3 minutes) - they were sold out! Every single time! So, you've got to be super fast. Find the first thing that you like, put it in your cart, and check out immediately! Let me know what amazing things you find!!!

P.S. It had been a couple of days since I viewed the site, so I checked them out just now. They've added a new "Home" section with cool stuff! So, if you're not in need of clothing items, but want to take a look at their home goods, there are some really neat things on there!

Aug 3, 2011 - Great deals today!!! is featuring a deal from Eat Cleaner - for only $15. I LOVE this stuff! I bought a deal when they were featured on gaggle of chicks and I've been using it now for about a month. Thought I love to buy organic as much as possible, I can't always afford to. So, this is great to spray on all your fresh produce and get all the pesticides off. And if you do buy organic, it's still nice to be able to get all the dirt and grime away. Plus, because you don't have all those chemicals leaching into the food after you've washed it with the Eat Cleaner Spray - it will last a lot longer. Anyway - for only $15, you get Fresh Fruit+Vegetable Wash Spray with one refill, the Seafood+Poultry Wash Spray, a 40-count canister of Grab-N-Go Biodegradable Wipes, and two 10-count packs of individually wrapped Grab-N-Go Biodegradable Wipes (a $32.50 value). You will have to pay the $5.99 flat rate shipping - so that will bring your grand total to $20.99. Still a great deal for a great product!!! And even better - if you're new to, you get an instant $10 credit just for signing up! So, you could get this amazing deal for only $5 (plus shipping)!!! Click here to get this product!

P.S. If you're in the Charlotte area and looking for a tutor for your child - my husband's tutoring business is being featured on today!!! You can get 50% off tutoring services with today's deal ($50 value!!)!

Aug 1, 2011

Paper Coterie is at it again: $40 FREE products all of August

Do y'all remember my mentioning all the absolutely adorable things at Paper Coterie before? Well, they are offering another amazing credit for the month of August! All you have to do is enter H2SBEGINANYWHERE at the check-out, and you'll get $40 taken off your ticket. What's even better is that there is no minimum purchase required! You do have to pay shipping, which is anywhere from $6-12. But, even if you have to pay the absolute maximum amount on shipping - you're paying $12 for $40 worth of stuff shipped! Not bad at all! 

Here are a few examples of what you can get for $40: 
- The calendar (above) is only $25
- The recipe book below (so incredibly cute) - $17
- The growth chart (to the right) - $28

*Just a little word of warning: I did this deal last time and unless they've worked out the kinks, you have to create your product and check out immediately. I couldn't ever get it to save the work I had done (I was working on a recipe book) and let me come back and do more work on it at a later time. If you're going to do one of the bigger projects, just carve out a little time to get it all done at one sitting!