Mar 20, 2012

Harri Teeter Triples!!!

Triple Coupons start tomorrow and I'm so incredibly excited! May 2011 was the last time they did triples and I stocked up on so many things for practically free!!! Here are some of the amazing deals that I'm planning to score tomorrow:

Free Items
Silk Pure Almond Milk (8 oz)
Huggies Natural Care Refill Wipes (56 count)

Less than $1
Davidson's Eggs - 25¢
Sargento Thin Slices, 8 oz - 34¢
Eggland's Best Eggs - 64¢
Ziploc Containers, 2 count - 25¢
Kleenex Hand Towels - 74¢
Rosina Meatballs - 4¢
Krunchers Kettle Cooked Chips - 25¢
*Pampers Wipes - 64¢

Other Great Deals
Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals Cheese Strips - $1.24 (normally $3.49)
Almond Accents - $1.74 (normally $3.99)
Marzetti Simply Dressed Salad Dressing - $1.54 (normally $3.79)

*With regard to the Pampers Wipes - Harris Teeter is running an amazing promotion right now. If you purchase at least $35 worth of Pampers products between now and April 3rd, you'll get a $7 credit on your VIC card - that will be applied toward your next shopping trip. So this is what I plan to do over the course of the triple coupon week (since you can only use 3 like coupons in one transaction): 

Purchase 3 packs of wipes per day @ $2.89 each, for 4 days = $34.68 
Minus the 75¢ coupon that triples on each one = $2.25/package x 12 = $27
I will pay a total of $7.68 for the wipes
I will get a $7 credit on my VIC card
Total spent for 12 packages of wipes = 68¢

*I'm assuming that they'll round up since the dollar amount is so close to $35 - but I'm not positive. So I purchased a package of wipes there last week for "insurance"! :-) Also, you'll need to collect wipes coupons from your friends/family - since you can only print two per computer from I've been collecting for few weeks in anticipation of this sale - so I think I need just a few more and I'll be set!

 There are lots of other great deals to be found - and A LOT of freebies! I love the way that Jenny at Southern Savers organizes her lists - so I would definitely check her out for a complete list of everything that you can find at HT in the next week! Happy Shopping!

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