Dec 29, 2011

This and That

Charlotte Coupon Clippers - will NOT meet this coming Sunday, but the following Sunday - January 8th at 2:30 pm. We're hoping for a location change, but are playing a waiting game for the final ok! Keep posted!

Sunday Paper - LOTS of coupons in this coming Sunday's paper. A friend from the coupon clippers tells me that there should be anywhere from 4-5 inserts! Might be a good day to pick up an extra paper!

Harris Teeter Super Doubles - starts January 4th!!! This is when all of your coupons will double up to $1.99 in value. So pull out all of those $1.00 and $1.50 coupons and get ready to have some fun!!!

BellaTutor Coupon Class - starts up again on January 3rd! Plum District is running a special again on this class - through midnight on December 31st! Normally $50, you can get it through Plum District for only $25. Plus, if you're new to PD and sign up through this link, you'll get an instant $5 credit that you can apply to the deal! Plus, I think you can still use promo code LOCAL25 and get 25% off (I'm checking on that to make sure). So, you can potentially get the coupon class for only $12.50!!!

Thirty-One Year-End Outlet Sale - this is only the 2nd time that 31 has offered their discontinued items at a discount! So, if you're interested in getting some high quality bags for at least 50% off, now is the time! Click here to start shopping!

Dec 28, 2011

Thirty-One Year-End Outlet Sale = 50% off or more

The Thirty-One Year-End Outlet Sale is now open!

This is your chance to purchase your favorite discontinued Thirty-One prints and products from previous catalogs at discounted prices - perfect for all gift giving occasions! 

All products are reduced 50% or more! Click on this link to shop while supplies last!

Dec 22, 2011

New Savings Star Coupons!!!

If you haven't gotten on board with - now's a great time! They've just added new coupons that you can download to your store loyalty cards (CVS, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, etc.)! No matter where you buy the product, the coupon value will deposit into your savingstar account!!! Such a cool concept! New coupons that they added that I like:
$.75 off any Wet Ones Variety
$1.00 off two Lays Kettle Cooked Chips
$.75 off Schick Hydro Shave Gel
$1.00 off McCain Sweet Potato Fries
$1.00 off McCain Purely Potatoes

These are just a few of their awesome coupons! Remember - this is all behind the scenes and can be stacked, even triple stacked - if you have store coupons + manufacturer coupons + savingstar coupons! Visit to set up your account and load your loyalty card numbers now!

Dec 21, 2011

Store by Store: CVS

CVS is one of my absolute favorite stores! There are so many ways to save that it is almost overwhelming. You really need to try one thing at a time, otherwise it is too confusing! So here goes...

Ways to save at CVS

1) Get an Extra Care Card (ECC). This is their store savings card that tracks all of your purchases, gives you Extra Care Bucks (ECB's), and a host of other things! You need this card and it's free and easy. You can apply online for it, but you can also just get one from the cashier.

2) The Magic Coupon Machine. I'm not sure what the actual name of this machine is, but it is a stand-alone machine in the store. In just about every store I've seen, there are arrows on the floor pointing you to the direction of the machine. You simply scan your Extra Care Card on the machine and it will spit out anywhere from 2 to 20 CVS coupons! Sometimes these coupons are for $.50 off of a candy bar, and sometimes they are $5 off of a $20 purchase. They are widely varied and can be stacked with manufacturer coupons!!!! Many assume that you only swipe once, but always scan your card until it tells you there are no more coupons for today.

3) Join the Beauty Club! There are tear-off pads in the beauty department and sometimes at the register. Just take it with you when you check out and hand it to the cashier. They'll scan the barcode after they've scanned your ECC and you'll be automatically enrolled. At the end of your receipt, you'll get a coupon for 10% off your next beauty purchase in the next 3 days + you'll get a $5 ECB every time you spend $50 on any beauty products.

4) Get a Green Bag Tag (will cost you $.99) and earn $1 ECB every 4 times you use your own reusable bag! This is a little green tag that you attach to your own reusable bag. Each time you go in and use it instead of one of their plastic bags, have them scan the bar code on the tag. Every 4th time you use it, a $1 ECB will print at the bottom of our receipt.

5) Register your ECC online and sign-up for the CVS emails! You'll get an immediate $4 off of a $20 purchase coupon, but you'll also get random coupons sent from time to time to your email that can usually be used in-store or online!

6) Visit for even more CVS coupons that can be printed and stacked with manufacturer coupons.

7) Like CVS on facebook and qualify for special offers and deals (periodically available).

8) Visit sites like,, and to get the weekly deal match-ups! They do all the hard work for you by scouring the weekly ad and matching up coupons from the internet, Sunday paper, and everywhere else you can imagine. Then they give you a list of exactly what to buy, how many, and what coupons to use (and where to find the coupons) for the ultimate savings!

9) Once a quarter you'll get 2% cash back from CVS for everything you've spent! Now, I save a lot of money at CVS and normally don't spend all that much - but I spent $97.01 during the last quarter, so I'll get an ECB printed at the end of my receipt on January 1st (or whenever I go in after that) for about $2! Not much, but every little bit counts!

10) Always save your ECB's that print at the bottom of your receipt! These are like cash that can be spent at CVS on anything (well, there are a few restrictions - stamps, gift cards, tobacco, etc.). Store them in a safe place where you'll be able to remember them each time you visit the store!

Dec 18, 2011

Super Deals and Updates

released a code good for 90% off! Normally an 80% code is a stock-up price - so this is super special! Just enter promo code: HOLIDAY to get $25 gift certificates for only $2!!!

No coupons in the paper this week or next week! So, it may be a good time to suspend your subscription (if you only get it for the coupons).

 is offering 40% off + free shipping (no minimum) on your ENTIRE ORDER!!! Just enter code DONNER and pin 1585 at checkout. Start at and get 8% back on your purchase! I've been needing a coat for my daughter, and they have one in their overstock section that will only be $11.99 shipped (regularly $49.50) + I'll get 8% back in my shopathome account!!!

Southpark Coupon Clippers will meet today at McDonald's at 2:30! A recent study found that the average couponer saves $100 for every hour of couponing! So, bring your scissors and un-wanted/un-clipped coupons and join us for lots of fun (and about $200 in future savings)!

Cool Shoes at Plum District

Fit in Clouds foldable flats are being featured on Plum District today! For only $10, you get a $20 voucher (which covers most varieties)! These are really cool looking flats that come in a nifty bag that will fit nicely in your purse or bag! Perfect for traveling, or if you live in the city and want to wear them while you're walking to work and then switch to heals, or for someone like me - who just wears flats all the time anyway! :) This deal is so good that they consider it a "Plum Steal" - which means you can't use sign-up or referral credits, or any promotional codes on it. But shipping is a flat rate of only $3 - so for a total of $13, you can get some really practical, yet super stylish shoes! If you haven't signed up for Plum District yet, you can do so here and get $5 to apply to your next deal!

Dec 16, 2011

Better Late than Never

Earth Fare - get a free pineapple with any $5 purchase! Make sure to join "Welcome Home" on the Earth Fare website and you'll get a coupon for a free item every week with a minimal purchase!

Paper Coterie - is offering a $35 off promo H2SMERRY - only good through tonight! You have to cover shipping, but there are lots of items for less than $35 - so totally worth it! Thanks to for this deal!!!

Plum District - has lots of great deals, but if you enter promo code LOCAL30, you'll get 30% off any deal! One I liked a lot was for Hogan Photography. The deal is $30 for a 1/2 hour outdoor photo shoot + two 8x10 pictures! That's already 50% off, but when you factor in the additional 30% off, that makes it a super deal!

Harris Teeter - starting in about 10 minutes, Harris Teeter in Cotswold will be starting their annual Wine Event. They'll have 40 different wines available for you to taste, appetizers, and 20% off all mix and match cases! Friday, December 16th from 4:00 - 9:00! Maybe I'll see some of you there!

Southpark Coupon Clippers - meets this Sunday at 2:30 at McDonald's in Southpark! Bring your un-wanted coupons and join us for lots of fun and great money-saving tips!

Dec 12, 2011

Monday Funday

1) Coupon Class tomorrow night (12/13)! This will be the last class offered before Christmas, so I'm offering this super Christmas Special: $25 + bring a friend for FREE!!!! So you get the class for 1/2 off AND you can bring a friend for free, or you can split the $25 and each come for 75% off (only $12.50 each)! You decide! Considering the average savings for an hour of couponing is $100 - you'll be making a pretty-penny with this 2 hour class! :) 120 Greenwich Road - Charlotte, 28211 (in Cotswold) from 7:00 - 9:00! Just email me at lisahuntington1979(at)gmail(dot)com to reserve your spots!!!

2) Leave for the coupon class a little early and go across the street to Ulta for an amazing deal! They have over 50 items marked 5 for $10! I got 5 lip-gloss sets regularly priced at $8 each and a cute little basket with a snowman was given to me for free as part of the promo!!! I'm going to include these in little gift baskets for my babysitters and yoga and pilates instructors! Unfortunately, the $3.50 off of a $10 purchase coupon can't be used with this promo - but I think this deal is good enough with no coupon! There is a sleep mask there that retails for $12. So if you're looking for the most bang for your buck, you could get 5 of those for only $2 each and get $60 worth of products for only $10!

3) Enter SHIP4FREE at to get free ground shipping through December 13th. If you still have your $25 credit, this is a great time to use it! If you don't have the credit, you can still get it by signing up here! Lots of super cool, unique items and GREAT quality for less than $25! And any credit you don't use will be saved for your next order! If you want your order super fast, you can also upgrade to 2-day shipping for free - if you order today! *One little addendum: the email I received with the free shipping code was unclear as to whether or not the code was only for me, a one-time use, or a general code good for all. So give it a try. If it doesn't work - you still get $25 in free products! If it does work, then you get 100% free product shipped to your door!

4) Cool things are still available at OneKingsLane with the $15 credit!!! Here are some things I found that would make really cool gifts (for yourself or a friend)!!!
Colin Cowie Set of 2 Curved Bowls, Red $19.00 (only $4 + shipping w/ credit)

Gourmet Luxuries Kara's 3 Bag Candy Lane Set $12.00 (only pay shipping w/ credit)

5) Ebates is offering double cash back rewards on over 500 different retailers. If you're interested in the minted deal, you should definitely go through them and get 5% back on whatever you spend! Also, you can get 10% back at Ulta (and you can use the $3.50 off $10 purchase with code 64069)! Ebates is amazing! If you haven't signed up yet, click this link to start earning cash back for almost everything you purchase online!

6) New Coupon Code for! Enter promo code: STOCKING for an 80% discount ($25 gift certificates for only $2)! My hubby is taking me out for my birthday on Wednesday and we can go wherever I want to go! :) I'll check out for a cool local place and get a gift certificate that we can use! Some may think that my doing all of this takes the fun out of it, but this will make it a lot more fun for me. I won't have to worry that he's spending too much money, or what the night is costing us! I can relax and know that we're still getting a good deal - and that makes the celebration even sweeter! 

7) 50% off and free shipping at! 

Dec 11, 2011

Minted Free Shipping?!?!?!?!

IIf you have the $25 credit at and have been waiting to find just the right thing - well here's what you've been waiting for! Use the code: SHIP4FREE to get free domestic ground shipping!!! It should automatically be taken care of at check-out, but if it doesn't, scroll down to the bottom of the checkout page and enter it in the promotional code box! I'm really hoping this works for everyone! They sent me the promo code in an email and in no way indicated that it was for me only, or a one-time use code! So give it a try!!!

Also, for this promotion only, you can use it in combination with one other code (like the one for 15% off when you buy 3 gifts listed on their site)! Or, if you're ordering today - you get 10% off with promo code SHINE10!

If you don't have the $25 credit, you can click this link to sign up for a free account and get the $25 immediately! Things are a little on the pricey side, but the quality is great and I was able to find some really unique items for less than $25! 

25 customized Gift Tags for $19

Customized Journal for my daughter - $16

 Skinnywrap Address Labels - $18

I had some credit that I used, and these are all considered "gifts" - so I was able to get 15% off - and the free shipping. So my total out of pocket was 85¢!!!
If you don't have that much credit - any one of these items can be "purchased" with your $25 sign-up credit and shipped for free - so no out of pocket expense! Plus, minted keeps your left-over credit and applies it to your next order - so you don't have to use all $25 at one time!!

Have fun shopping! The free shipping promo code expires on December 13th!

Dec 10, 2011

Today's Deals (That are actually worth fighting traffic for!!!)

1) Go to Walgreen's again for more candy! :) Unfortunately (or fortunately - depending on how you look at it) - it's not for me, but for my precious students (they have no idea the sacrifices I make for them!!!). Here's what I'm going to do: 
Buy 6 Sweet-Tarts (combination of chewy and hard) on sale for 3/$1.50 = $3.00
Use the 75¢ off 3 coupon in the Walgreen's Monthly Coupon Book 
(found by the weekly flyers in the front of the store)
It will take $1.50 off 
(because it's a Walgreen's coupon - it will automatically apply to how ever many items I have)
Pay $1.50 + tax (makes them only 25¢ each!!!)
Then, a magical thing will happen! I will then get a coupon that will print out of the catalina machine for $1.00 off 6 sweet-tarts!!! So, I will do the following: 

Buy 6 Sweet-Tarts on sale 3/$1.50 = $3.00
Use the 75¢ off 3 coupon in the Walgreen's Monthly Coupon Book = will take $1.50 off 
Use the $1.00 off catalina coupon
Pay 50¢ (only 8¢ each!!!)

I can keep doing this over and over again - but I won't. Since today is the last day of the sale and I'm going to go late this afternoon, I don't really have to worry about clearing the shelves. But, I will probably only pick up 12 more pieces. These will make great additions to my prize bag!

2) Go to CVS and buy diapers, candy canes, greeting cards, and some glade products! Here's what I'm going to do: 
Candy Canes 10 count $1.27 - $1.27 ECB's = free!

Buy 3 99¢ American Greeting Cards = $2.98
Use the $2 off 3 CVS store coupon found here
Pay 97¢ - $3.00 ECB's = $2.03 money maker!!!

Buy Huggies Jumbo pack diapers $9.49
Use the $2/1 coupon found in the 11/20 SS insert from the Sunday Paper
Use the new $3/1 CVS store coupon found here
Pay as low as $4.49 - $1 ECB = $3.49!
There are some $3/1 manufacturer coupons out there that will make this deal even cheaper, I just don't have any left. Also, this will count towards the promotion that CVS is doing - buy 6 jumbo packs, get 1 free!

*Spend $12 on Glade Products = $4 ECB's
Buy (2) Glade Sense & Spray kits @ $5 AND (1) Glade room spray @ $3 = $13
Use (2) $3 Sense & Spray coupons (Available in lots of magazines)
Use $1 Room Spray Coupon (from Sunday Paper inserts)
Use $2.00 CVS Coupon (off of any two Glade Products) found here 
Pay $4, get $4 ECB = FREE

*Thanks to welovefree!

3) Go to Harris Teeter and for some wine and cheese: 1/2 cases are 15% off and specialty cheeses are an additional 15% off for eVic members! Here's what I'm going to get: 

BV Coastal Estates Wine - on sale for $7.99/bottle (regularly $9.99/bottle)
Buy 6 bottles @ $7.99 = $47.94 - $7.19 discount = $40.75
Total cost per bottle: $6.79/bottle which is 32% off!!!

Parmigiano Reggiano - on sale for $9.99/lb (regularly $24.99/lb)
Buy 2lbs = $19.98 - $2.99 (15%) = $16.99
Total cost per pound = $8.49 which is 66% off!!!

4) Go to Shower Me with Love and use my Groupon! A while back, Groupon featured a deal with one of my favorite baby boutiques! I was able to get $40 worth of credit for only $20! Well, most of the baby stuff there is a little out of my price range (even with a $40 credit), but they have what I believe to be the best price on monogramming in the city! Crazy, huh?!?!? So, I called them and asked if I could use my groupon for monogramming products not purchased there - and they said yes!!! So, I'm going to be able to get nearly 5 items monogrammed (will have to add just a few bucks)! So, I'm going to take in a few things that I've collected over the last few months for Christmas gifts - and get them all monogrammed! Super affordable, and super special! Love it!!! :)

Oh yeah - and we're going to pick out a Christmas Tree from a local, family-run business (on Central - in the Plaza Midwood area). They get the big box stores rejects and sell them at a super discount! We have a small house with not-so-tall ceilings, so we don't need anything fancy. But word has it (from a very reliable source) that you can get a 6' Douglas Fir there for $20! Exactly what I want and I'm buying local! Awesome! Thanks for the tip, April!!! :)

Dec 9, 2011


There are two sites that I really like to go through when making any online purchases: Ebates and ShopAtHome. I normally look at both of them before making a purchase, to see which is offering a higher percentage of cash back rewards. They really do operate exactly the same way. From the ebates site:  Each store offers a different cash back percentage. Just look at the percentage next to the store name on the site to see how much savings you will earn.

Ebates is offering double cash back in December - so this is a great time to check them out!!! Click the above links to set up your free account and get started!

ShopRunner - Free for a Year!

I first tried ShopRunner when ordering some pizza from Domino's one night. They asked if I wanted a 30 day free trial - and as a result I would get my pizza delivery fee waved ($2)! I gave it a try, but decided to cancel before the 30 days was up because I didn't want to have to spend the $79 yearly fee! Then about 3 weeks later, I got an email offering to give me an entire year for FREE! I felt for sure that there had to be strings attached! But no - a year - free and clear! And now they're offering it to others! All you have to do is like them on Facebook (here) and then follow the instructions! Hurry though, it's only available for the first 10,000 people!!!

If you're not familiar with ShopRunner - it's a really cool service that gives you free 2-day shipping to thousands of websites! If all I ever do is use it for free delivery on Domino's pizza twice a month - that's $48/year that I've saved! Pretty good deal considering the service is FREE for the first year!!!!

Dec 7, 2011

Hump Day Happenings

Plum District is offering a $5 off code every day until December 9th. All you have to do is like them on Facebook! Go here for instructions! You can't stack the codes with each other, but I'm pretty sure you can use them with sign-up or referral credits. Today they have an enticing deal with Ink Garden for personalized items (cards, t-shirts, notebooks, plates, mugs, napkins, etc.)! Get $40 in credit for only $15! So, if you have any sign-up or referral credit to stack with the $5 off, you could get this for $0-5!!! Here are some things that might be fun to use with your credit:

Set of four coasters - $14.99
Customized 11oz Mugs - $5 each
Customized Deck of Cards - B1G1 Free

Bebe Bella savings codes (good until December 13th and not good with any other offer or code): 
60% off (orders up to $50) - SAVE60
65% Off (orders $50-$99) - SAVE65
70% Off (orders $100-$249) - SAVE70
75% Off (orders over $250) - SAVE75

My calling cards came in from yesterday and I think I squealed with delight! They are so stinkin' cute! Here's a picture of them and the adorable box they came in! I am so impressed with their quality! Plus, they sent me a coupon for 20% off three journals - which I was planning to order anyway!!! If you haven't signed up for a free minted account yet, go here and get a whopping $25 credit! Their items are more pricey than other sites, but the $25 credit certainly helps!

For Charlotte Locals: 

Harris Teeter special this week: Pampers Diapers for $5.99/jumbo pack! Stack this with eVic coupons and paper coupons for some super cheap diapers! Also, 1/2 cases of wine are 15% off this weekend (Thursday - Sunday)! They have one of my favorite stand-by wines (Rex Goliath) on sale for $5 each (normally $6.99)! If you get a 1/2 case, you'll get $4.50 off - which is almost like getting a bottle free!

Earth Fare special deal this week: free 24 oz organic brown or white sugar with a $5 purchase. Plus, if you went in last week and got a mystery coupon, you can stack that with other coupons (like the coupon in your City Pass Book for $5 off of a $25 purchase). Also, their Boot Challenge trade-in item this week is: bring in any artificially flavored package of cough drops (9 count minimum) and get Jakeman's Chest and Throat Lozenges for free! So here's what I'm going to do:
Use my mystery coupon from last week ($15 off of a $45 purchase)
Use my City Pass coupon ($5 off of a $25 purchase)
Use my free sugar coupon
Trade in an old package of Halls Cough Drops for the Lozenges
Spend $25 + tax and get about $55 worth of super healthy/organic groceries!!!

If you're unfamiliar with how to get all the deals I've mentioned above - go here and sign up for a free account with Earth Fare! You'll immediately get a coupon for a free dinner and then coupons every week for free items with a minimal purchase. Click the "What you Eat" tab to take the boot challenge for a free trade-in item every couple of weeks!

Groupon (Charlotte) is offering a pretty sweet deal at ART Dentistry. Get an exam, full series of x-rays, and a cleaning for only $69. Plus, if you need follow-up services and don't have insurance, they'll give you 15% off of those! Plus, this place is in the Foxcroft/Southpark area - so super convenient!

Dec 6, 2011

Extra $5 off at Plum District

Most of you know that Plum District is one of my favorite deal sites. They have some of the coolest, most unique, high quality items - and very good prices! Plus they are always offering great promo codes for anywhere from $5-10 off your order! Well, today you can go to their facebook page and "like" them. You'll then be prompted to enter the email address associated with your facebook account and then you can claim your code for $5.00 off. It is only valid for 5 days - but if you've got your $5 sign-up credit (or maybe you signed up during a special promotion and got $10) - then you'll have anywhere from $10-$15 worth of credit to apply to a deal. Another thing I love about Plum District, is that you get your voucher code immediately. A lot of the deal sites have a waiting period of anywhere from 24 - 72 hours before you can use your code. Plum District's is immediate!

So here's exactly what you need to do:
1) If you haven't signed up for a Plum District account yet, go here to sign up and get an instant $5 credit!
2) Then go here and find your city! You'll click on your city and it will direct you to your local Facebook page. If your city isn't listed, then just lick "Everywhere Else" and you'll be directed to the national Facebook page.
3) Simply click the "like" button and follow the instructions! Super easy and great savings!!!

Here's the cool thing: you can get a $5 off code EVERY DAY through Thursday! These codes can't be stacked, and they will expire on the 11thm, but if there are several things that you'd like from Plum District, you can buy one a day - use a different code each day - and save an additional $5 each time!

Dec 4, 2011

Gift Options at One Kings Lane

Every now and then I like to re-visit different deal sites where I have credit that I've been saving. I often forget about them and it's a nice surprise to be able to go shopping with a credit! One Kings Lane is a deal site I've featured several times and they are still offering the $15 sign-up credit. If you haven't done so already, you can go here to sign up and instantly get $15 to spend. It won't apply to shipping (which starts at $6.95), but you can still get some pretty cool things for pretty cheap! Here are some different things I found (mostly in the Holiday Cocktail Party section):

Luigi Bormioli Duck Decanter $16 (valued at $36)

This would make a great gift all by itself - but you could also pair it with a bottle of wine or a couple of wine glasses for something even more special!


Use your $15 credit and only pay $1 + $6.95 shipping = $7.95

Tizo Mother-of-Pearl Wine Opener $10 (valued at $38)


Gift Idea: Tie a ribbon around the opener and attach it to a bottle of wine! Great hostess gift! 



Buy 2 for $20 and only pay $5 after your $15 credit applies + $6.95 shipping = $11.95 

Tizo Set of 4 Bone & Horn Spreaders $19.00 (valued at $45)

Gift Idea: Buy a specialty cheese and tie a ribbon around it and one of the knives! This set would give you enough for 4 different gifts! One of my students actually did this for me one year and I LOVED it!!! 


Use your $15 credit and pay only $4 + $6.95 shipping = $10.95 






Cheap Candy @ Walgreens

I buy A LOT of candy for my prize bag for my students (NOTHING motivates my students like candy, so they get to pick a prize each week if they've practiced at least 4 times). So, I'm always looking for good deals on candy!!! I know I don't normally post deals like this, but I thought this one was great!

Walgreens has the Snickers that are shaped like Nutcrackers on sale for $.39 (with in-ad coupon) this week!

Buy 3 @ $.39 = $1.17 (with in ad coupon)
Use the $1/2 coupon found here (Click "get coupon")
Final cost only $0.17 for all 3!

You can print the coupon twice (just hit your back button and then resend). So, I'm going to get 6 treats for $.34! Considering my price point is normally $.25/treat for my prize bag, I'm pretty excited! These would make great little gift toppers or stocking stuffers!

Dec 3, 2011

Super Deal on Christmas Cards

Procrastination has its reward (at least today)!!! :) Today only (12/3), is offering 70% their Holiday Cards + free shipping + free postage! Yes, you read correctly: they will stamp your cards for you for FREE! They'll even print your return address and your recipients address on the envelope (see below on how to order)! So all you have to do is add a personal note (if you want), seal the envelope, and stick them in the mail!!! The card pictured below is regularly $1.29. If you get 50 cards @ 70% off - that comes to $19.35. If you were to buy stamps for 50 cards, it would cost you $22. So, for less than the price of a stamp, you can send fantastic looking Christmas cards! This site has gotten wonderful reviews on quality - so no worries there! To make it even better, go through Shop at Home and you'll earn 5% cash back! But you should procrastinate any longer! To get all of these deals, order today and use promo code: CSSAVE703

Dec 2, 2011

Lot 18 - Great Deal!

2007 Buried Cane Columbia Valley Riesling Trio - $35.97

I'm not normally a big fan of the sweeter wines like this Reisling, but they are great to keep on hand for guests who like the sweeter wines. Plus, they are wonderful wines to take as thank-yous to Holiday Party Hosts! Each bottle averages out to $12/bottle (plus tax) - shipped right to your door (because shipping is currently free)!!! I was only able to find the 2009 Riesling elsewhere online - and it was about $14 (plus tax and shipping). Lot 18 lists the retail value of this wine trio at $54 (about $18/bottle). So, this is a pretty good price! Only available for the next 13 hours - so you've got to hurry if you're interested! Lot 18 is a "by invitation only" wine site. So, sign up here to be able to access their exclusive deals!


Dec 1, 2011

Fandango Movie Tickets - 2 for $12 is offering 2 movie tickets for $12. Not sure about your area, but here in Charlotte the going rate is about $10/ticket - so this is a fantastic deal! Unfortunately, you can't use sign-up credit to get this deal! :( But, if you're new to, you'll get $10 credit just for signing up and you can use that credit towards a different deal! Just click here to get started!

If you're unfamiliar with how - it's an online movie information/ticket purchasing site. You can enter in your zip code and it will show you all the theaters in the area, what movies are showing and their times, and if online ticket purchase is available. If so, then you click the movie/time you want to go to, click purchase ticket, and then enter any the voucher number. Print your tickets at home and you're good to go! Things I love about buying tickets on fandango: you don't have to mess with standing in line or worrying about getting there early for new releases! Soooo convenient! :)

Happy December!!!

What a wonderful time of the year?!?!? I just love it and I hope you're enjoying yourself too and looking forward to a super-fun (non-stressful) Christmas season! Here are a few reminders and updates for Charlotte Readers: 

Southpark Coupon Clippers meets this Sunday at 2:30 at the McDonald's in Southpark. We'll be discussing a location change due to are growing numbers! Also, make sure to look in the South Charlotte News section of the Charlotte Observer for the story on our little group that Hope Yancy wrote! I can't wait to see how it turned out! See you Sunday!

Holiday Sip 'n' Shop is on Monday, December 5th at MoveStudio Charlotte (1111 Hawthorne Lane - in Plaza Midwood). Enjoy complimentary wine and hors d'oeuvres while you shop at a wide selection of vendors (including 31, Arbonne, Sweet Autumn Bakery, The Wine Shop, Dove Chocolate Discoveries, BellaTutor, April-Pie Children's Clothing, and Cookie Lee Jewelry). MoveStudio will also be giving free class and Pilates equipment demonstrations, give-aways, and special deals! It will be a lot of fun! Stop in anytime between 5:00 - 9:00! I'll have a table there for my 31 products (lots of cash and carry items) - but also a drawing valued over $30! Mention that you read about it on this blog and you'll get an EXTRA entry (two chances to win)!!!

Harris Teeter has Huggies Diapers on sale for $5.99/jumbo pack for eVic members!!! There is also a coupon in Savings Star for $2 off slip-on diapers. And there were $2 off slip-on diaper manufacturer coupons in last Sunday's paper. Put all of that together, and you can get a package of diapers for $1.99! I haven't checked my eVic coupons, but if there is a coupon in there that I can load to my eVic card - we may be looking at close to free diapers!!! :) just released a new discount code for 70% off (means that you can get $25 gift certificates for $3). Just enter SNOW. Keep this in mind with all of your holiday gatherings: $25 off the tab to split between everyone is a nice way to surprise everyone at the table and spread a little Christmas cheer! Btw - I'm sure you all know this, but remember to tip your server based on the pre-discounted amount! :)