Mar 2, 2012

Earth Fare Loot

There are some really great deals to be had at Earth Fare right now with the following coupons! But first, you'll need to sign up for their mobile coupons through the "Feed your Phone" promotion. Just text the word "EAT" to 71700. You'll immediately get back a mobile coupon for $10 off of a $25 purchase. Then you'll get a mobile coupon about once a week - normally only good for the day that they send it! So you have to act fast! 

Today's mobile coupon was for free Earth Fare Organic Coco-Vanilla Creme Cookies - with a $5 purchase. I wouldn't normally buy these, but they'll make a good snack to have on-hand when we have others over - or if I want to splurge and make "oreo" delight! :-) 

If you create an online account with Earth Fare, you'll be signed up for their "Welcome Home" promotion. They will then send you emails on a weekly basis for a free "item of the week" with a minimal purchase. This week's free item was 1 lb bag of Organic Carrots with a $5 purchase! 

Another really cool thing they do on the Earth Fare website is "The Boot Challenge". Just click on the "What you Eat" tab and then click on "Take the Boot Challenge". They hide the brand of both items and simply list their ingredients. You decide which item gets the boot (it's pretty obvious). Even if you get it wrong, they still give you a coupon that allows you to bring in your new or USED item to exchange it for their healthier version! This month you can trade in mascara!!! 

So today I went to Earth Fare (well, actually my husband went) and there were a couple of things that we needed anyway (the Cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and pearled barley). He got everything pictured, with tax, for $13.22. Those of you who aren't familiar with Earth Fare may not be that impressed at our total. But, it's a fairly pricey place to shop (if you're not shopping sales). Considering that we got about $18 worth of stuff for free, and all of it is really good quality, mostly organic - I was pretty happy with that total!

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