Dec 10, 2011

Today's Deals (That are actually worth fighting traffic for!!!)

1) Go to Walgreen's again for more candy! :) Unfortunately (or fortunately - depending on how you look at it) - it's not for me, but for my precious students (they have no idea the sacrifices I make for them!!!). Here's what I'm going to do: 
Buy 6 Sweet-Tarts (combination of chewy and hard) on sale for 3/$1.50 = $3.00
Use the 75¢ off 3 coupon in the Walgreen's Monthly Coupon Book 
(found by the weekly flyers in the front of the store)
It will take $1.50 off 
(because it's a Walgreen's coupon - it will automatically apply to how ever many items I have)
Pay $1.50 + tax (makes them only 25¢ each!!!)
Then, a magical thing will happen! I will then get a coupon that will print out of the catalina machine for $1.00 off 6 sweet-tarts!!! So, I will do the following: 

Buy 6 Sweet-Tarts on sale 3/$1.50 = $3.00
Use the 75¢ off 3 coupon in the Walgreen's Monthly Coupon Book = will take $1.50 off 
Use the $1.00 off catalina coupon
Pay 50¢ (only 8¢ each!!!)

I can keep doing this over and over again - but I won't. Since today is the last day of the sale and I'm going to go late this afternoon, I don't really have to worry about clearing the shelves. But, I will probably only pick up 12 more pieces. These will make great additions to my prize bag!

2) Go to CVS and buy diapers, candy canes, greeting cards, and some glade products! Here's what I'm going to do: 
Candy Canes 10 count $1.27 - $1.27 ECB's = free!

Buy 3 99¢ American Greeting Cards = $2.98
Use the $2 off 3 CVS store coupon found here
Pay 97¢ - $3.00 ECB's = $2.03 money maker!!!

Buy Huggies Jumbo pack diapers $9.49
Use the $2/1 coupon found in the 11/20 SS insert from the Sunday Paper
Use the new $3/1 CVS store coupon found here
Pay as low as $4.49 - $1 ECB = $3.49!
There are some $3/1 manufacturer coupons out there that will make this deal even cheaper, I just don't have any left. Also, this will count towards the promotion that CVS is doing - buy 6 jumbo packs, get 1 free!

*Spend $12 on Glade Products = $4 ECB's
Buy (2) Glade Sense & Spray kits @ $5 AND (1) Glade room spray @ $3 = $13
Use (2) $3 Sense & Spray coupons (Available in lots of magazines)
Use $1 Room Spray Coupon (from Sunday Paper inserts)
Use $2.00 CVS Coupon (off of any two Glade Products) found here 
Pay $4, get $4 ECB = FREE

*Thanks to welovefree!

3) Go to Harris Teeter and for some wine and cheese: 1/2 cases are 15% off and specialty cheeses are an additional 15% off for eVic members! Here's what I'm going to get: 

BV Coastal Estates Wine - on sale for $7.99/bottle (regularly $9.99/bottle)
Buy 6 bottles @ $7.99 = $47.94 - $7.19 discount = $40.75
Total cost per bottle: $6.79/bottle which is 32% off!!!

Parmigiano Reggiano - on sale for $9.99/lb (regularly $24.99/lb)
Buy 2lbs = $19.98 - $2.99 (15%) = $16.99
Total cost per pound = $8.49 which is 66% off!!!

4) Go to Shower Me with Love and use my Groupon! A while back, Groupon featured a deal with one of my favorite baby boutiques! I was able to get $40 worth of credit for only $20! Well, most of the baby stuff there is a little out of my price range (even with a $40 credit), but they have what I believe to be the best price on monogramming in the city! Crazy, huh?!?!? So, I called them and asked if I could use my groupon for monogramming products not purchased there - and they said yes!!! So, I'm going to be able to get nearly 5 items monogrammed (will have to add just a few bucks)! So, I'm going to take in a few things that I've collected over the last few months for Christmas gifts - and get them all monogrammed! Super affordable, and super special! Love it!!! :)

Oh yeah - and we're going to pick out a Christmas Tree from a local, family-run business (on Central - in the Plaza Midwood area). They get the big box stores rejects and sell them at a super discount! We have a small house with not-so-tall ceilings, so we don't need anything fancy. But word has it (from a very reliable source) that you can get a 6' Douglas Fir there for $20! Exactly what I want and I'm buying local! Awesome! Thanks for the tip, April!!! :)

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