Dec 11, 2011

Minted Free Shipping?!?!?!?!

IIf you have the $25 credit at and have been waiting to find just the right thing - well here's what you've been waiting for! Use the code: SHIP4FREE to get free domestic ground shipping!!! It should automatically be taken care of at check-out, but if it doesn't, scroll down to the bottom of the checkout page and enter it in the promotional code box! I'm really hoping this works for everyone! They sent me the promo code in an email and in no way indicated that it was for me only, or a one-time use code! So give it a try!!!

Also, for this promotion only, you can use it in combination with one other code (like the one for 15% off when you buy 3 gifts listed on their site)! Or, if you're ordering today - you get 10% off with promo code SHINE10!

If you don't have the $25 credit, you can click this link to sign up for a free account and get the $25 immediately! Things are a little on the pricey side, but the quality is great and I was able to find some really unique items for less than $25! 

25 customized Gift Tags for $19

Customized Journal for my daughter - $16

 Skinnywrap Address Labels - $18

I had some credit that I used, and these are all considered "gifts" - so I was able to get 15% off - and the free shipping. So my total out of pocket was 85¢!!!
If you don't have that much credit - any one of these items can be "purchased" with your $25 sign-up credit and shipped for free - so no out of pocket expense! Plus, minted keeps your left-over credit and applies it to your next order - so you don't have to use all $25 at one time!!

Have fun shopping! The free shipping promo code expires on December 13th!

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