Dec 18, 2011

Super Deals and Updates

released a code good for 90% off! Normally an 80% code is a stock-up price - so this is super special! Just enter promo code: HOLIDAY to get $25 gift certificates for only $2!!!

No coupons in the paper this week or next week! So, it may be a good time to suspend your subscription (if you only get it for the coupons).

 is offering 40% off + free shipping (no minimum) on your ENTIRE ORDER!!! Just enter code DONNER and pin 1585 at checkout. Start at and get 8% back on your purchase! I've been needing a coat for my daughter, and they have one in their overstock section that will only be $11.99 shipped (regularly $49.50) + I'll get 8% back in my shopathome account!!!

Southpark Coupon Clippers will meet today at McDonald's at 2:30! A recent study found that the average couponer saves $100 for every hour of couponing! So, bring your scissors and un-wanted/un-clipped coupons and join us for lots of fun (and about $200 in future savings)!

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