Dec 6, 2011

Extra $5 off at Plum District

Most of you know that Plum District is one of my favorite deal sites. They have some of the coolest, most unique, high quality items - and very good prices! Plus they are always offering great promo codes for anywhere from $5-10 off your order! Well, today you can go to their facebook page and "like" them. You'll then be prompted to enter the email address associated with your facebook account and then you can claim your code for $5.00 off. It is only valid for 5 days - but if you've got your $5 sign-up credit (or maybe you signed up during a special promotion and got $10) - then you'll have anywhere from $10-$15 worth of credit to apply to a deal. Another thing I love about Plum District, is that you get your voucher code immediately. A lot of the deal sites have a waiting period of anywhere from 24 - 72 hours before you can use your code. Plum District's is immediate!

So here's exactly what you need to do:
1) If you haven't signed up for a Plum District account yet, go here to sign up and get an instant $5 credit!
2) Then go here and find your city! You'll click on your city and it will direct you to your local Facebook page. If your city isn't listed, then just lick "Everywhere Else" and you'll be directed to the national Facebook page.
3) Simply click the "like" button and follow the instructions! Super easy and great savings!!!

Here's the cool thing: you can get a $5 off code EVERY DAY through Thursday! These codes can't be stacked, and they will expire on the 11thm, but if there are several things that you'd like from Plum District, you can buy one a day - use a different code each day - and save an additional $5 each time!

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