May 2, 2011

The Coupon Exchange

My friend, Susan, has created a new facebook page called "The Coupon Exchange". Here is her description:
Here it is! This is the place to list coupons you can't use or don't use and also list coupons you are looking for or need. Also, if you know of a really good coupon on the internet to print, please list the link here.
 I've already got a pile of coupons that I'm going to send her that I don't use, and she's going to send me a bunch that I could really use more of! It's super simple and easy! Here's the link!

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Tammy McKissic said...

I just discovered this website...they have a list of all current coupons with the links of where to locate them. They also match up current coupons with the current sale ads.