May 20, 2011

Gift Card Rescue

Have you heard about I heard about this website a while back and forgot about it until I was reminded (on another site) today! It is really a genius idea! Basically, they buy and sell gift cards at a discount! Here's the concept: sometimes people end up with gift cards to places where they don't really shop - so they'd rather just have the cash. So, they list their gift cards on this site and you can buy them at a 5-30% discount off the face value! The dollar amounts are random, but here are a few that I found - just in a quick search:
Barnes and Noble: $50 GC for $44 (12% savings)
Aeropostale: $41.30 GC for $35.93 (13% savings)
Nike: $25 GC for $22.50 (10% savings)
Kohl's: $41.31 GC for $35.11 (15% savings)
Charlotte Russe: $26.06 GC for $20.02 (22% savings)
Mimi Maternity: $25.00 GC for $18.75 (25% savings)
Dick's Sporting Goods: $96.27 GC for $81.82 (15% savings)
Lowe's: $67.07 GC for $60.36 (10% savings)

So these are just a handful of the ones I saw - but what a cool idea?!?!? So, what I'm thinking is that not only would this be a great place to look for gift cards for gifts (think of all the weddings, graduations, teacher gifts right about this time of year) - but also if you know you're going to make a purchase! Especially the ones at Lowe's! Or if you're going to buy a new pair of tennis shoes or racquet at Dick's - getting a 15% discount before you even apply any coupons is awesome on those bigger purchases! Anyway - just check them out! Super cool!

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