May 9, 2011

Vista Print

I have been using Vista Print for years and LOVE them! I used it a lot when I owned a business, and now I just use them for fun! I had a garage sale this past weekend, so I ordered a FREE banner from them to hang on my garage!

I LOVE things that are monogrammed or personalized in any way! So, I ordered 100 postcards from them for FREE! I was able to pick the colors, adjust the font and size, and over-all layout! They have 100's of designs to choose from and it was completely FREE!

I also got these adorable personalized notecards for FREE!

All you have to do is pay the shipping! I got the banner, 100 postcards, 2 packs of 10 notecards, a stamp, and 140 return address labels for a total of $15. Yes, the shipping does seem a little steep, but when you consider everything that I got - I think it is well worth it! Once you've registered for a free account with them - they send you emails all the time for free stuff.

If you're interested in checking them out - please consider using my referral link here

I just got an email yesterday and this is the list of stuff they are offering me for free, or for drastically reduced prices:

FREE Business Cards Great Value! Business Card Holders Now 50% OFF
FREE Postcards Great Value! FREE Magnets Great Value!
FREE Car Door Magnets Great Value! Premium Car Door Magnets Now 50% OFF
FREE Return Address Labels Great Value! FREE Mouse Pads Great Value!
2011 Wall Calendars Now FREE 2011 Desk Calendars Now FREE
FREE Notebooks Great Value! FREE Photo Books Great Value!
Rack Cards Now 50% OFF Flyers Now 50% OFF
FREE T-shirts Great Value! FREE Pens Great Value!
Posters Now 50% OFF FREE Mugs Great Value!
FREE Tote Bags Great Value! Brochures Now 50% OFF
Premium T-shirts Now 50% OFF Envelopes Now 25% OFF
FREE Invitations Great Value! FREE Hats Great Value!
FREE Sticky Notes Great Value! Sticky Note Holders Now 50% OFF
FREE Note Cards Great Value! FREE Note Pads Great Value!
FREE Rubber Stamps Great Value! FREE Letterhead Great Value!
FREE Window Decals Great Value! XL Magnets Now 50% OFF
FREE Keychains Great Value! Presentation Folders Now 33% OFF
FREE Checks Great Valye! Premium Checks Now 50% OFF
Uploads Now FREE FREE Logo Design Try it Now! 

1 comment:

hollie said...

I'm a fan of Vista Prints. Never thought of doing a garage sale banner...good idea! Btw, love the red floral personalized notecards. I might have to make another order soon :)