May 11, 2011

Saving Star

I just heard about this new service called -  and it is almost too good to be true! This is the description from their website:

SavingStar is the first national, fully digital, grocery eCoupon service, available for free at and on iPhone and Android mobile apps. There's nothing to clip, nothing to print. Providing exclusive eCoupons redeemable at over 24,000 grocery and drug stores throughout the country, SavingStar’s eCoupons are linked to customers’ loyalty cards and offer a more convenient and eco-friendly way to save on groceries than paper coupons. SavingStar automatically adds the value of each eCoupon redeemed into users' SavingStar accounts, enabling them to pick their payout from cash to gift cards to charity donations.

So that's it! You just click the coupons you want from their database and they load onto your store savings cards. Whenever you purchase those items - they'll deposit the value of the e-coupon into your account. Once you've reached at least $5.00, you can cash out in the form of a bank draft, paypal, amazon gift card, or a donation!

Here's what I did (so you can see how simple it is): 
1) I went to their site, entered my email address and picked a password.
2) Then I entered my zip code and they listed all the stores that participate. In may area, the ones that I actually go to: CVS and Harris Teeter. I also entered in Lowes Foods and Food Lion because I have loyalty cards there - but I probably shop there only once a year. Anyway..
3) Then I clicked on 30 of the 60 coupons. They load to all of my cards.
4) They sent me a verification email and I clicked on the link in it to verify my account.

There should be a new batch of coupons to load at the beginning of each month! And here's the kicker: they can be STACKED with manufacturer and store coupons!!! Yippee!!! Really, you nor the store you're using it at, has any knowledge of you using your e-coupons (unless you have a great memory and can just remember that you've got a certain e-coupon). You get no discount (other than the paper coupons you're using) at the actual time of purchase - the savings are banked in your savingstar account! Click on this link to get to their website and load your loyalty card numbers!!!

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hollie said...

this is similar to upromise and cellfire. i guess you could use all three? unfortunately, no participating stores near me.