Apr 29, 2011

Friday Freebie: Win a $5 Amazon Gift Card!!!

Each month I'll be giving away a free item on the first Friday of the month;
Friday Freebie! So for the month of May I'll be giving away a $5 Amazon Gift Card
to a randomly selected reader!

 Do you know that you can buy a book on Amazon for as little as a penny? Even with shipping as high as $3.99, five bucks can get you a completely free book (with $1 to spare!!!)! That's just one example of what you could do with a $5 Gift Card to Amazon.com, and there are hundreds more!

Here's what you have to do to enter the drawing:

1) Subscribe to or Follow this blog
2) Sign up for one of these free services I've featured (by clicking the links below):
Living Social https://livingsocial.com/redeem_invite/27802837-curdly?ref=lnk  
*If you've done all of these already, then you're good to go (though you must still leave a comment to be entered into the drawing)! 

3) Leave a comment on this post with your first name and last initial,
and what you signed up for!

That's all! Nothing else required! Check back on May 6th and I'll announce the winner! 


hollie said...

Fun idea!!!
I subscribe to your blog via GoogleReader. I'm already signed up for all the services you mentioned ... otherwise I'd do that too. Not sure if that disqualifies me or not!
Hollie A.

Anna said...

Cool! I subscribed to Rue La La!
Thanks Lisa!
Anna P

Anna said...

Lisa, the link you put up for Rue La La doesn't work. Would you mind sending it to me, please?
Anna P

Isabella's Mom said...

Ok, just fixed it. Not sure what the problem was because it is the exact "same" link. But now when you click on it, it actually takes you to Rue La La. Sorry about that! Did you already sign up, though?