Feb 14, 2012

This and That

Harris Teeter Super Doubles start tomorrow!!!! Woohoo! One of my favorite events that comes around every 6-7 weeks is Harris Teeter's Super Double Coupons! For those of you who are new to the coupon world in Charlotte (or anywhere in North/South Carolina) - Super Doubles is when Harris Teeter will double coupons with a face value of up to $1.99. Now realistically, there are no coupons above $1.50 in face value - and even those are fairly rare. So, the coupons that will do the most for you during this time will largely be the $1.00 coupons! I highly recommend checking out southernsavers.com to find all the match-ups for the Harris Teeter. She will give you customizable/printable lists for their advertised and un-advertised deals - plus links to print coupons when they're available online. It's a fantastic site and a HUGE time-saver!

USTA Players - did you know that you can get a $10 refund for playing in a sanctioned tennis tournament in 2012 if you didn't play in one in 2011?!?!?! It's super easy! Here's the information I got yesterday at the captain's meeting:
USTA North Carolina will offer incentives once again in 2012 for Adult League Players and Team Captains to participate in sanctioned tournaments. Each League Player who participates in a 2012 sanctioned tournament (but did not in 2011) may apply for a rebate of $10. Each Team Captain, who has 3 team members competing in the same 2012 sanctioned tournament (none of whom participated in 2011), may apply for a $50 rebate. The captain may apply for an additional $10 rebate, over and above the $50, if he/she competes in the same tournament with his/her team members. The $10 rebate is limited to one-time only per player or captain.
Looks pretty simple to me! I've only ever played in one tournament, but with this incentive - I think I may be looking for more to play in!!!

Pampers Gifts to Grow Program - even if you don't have a child in diapers, this might be a program you'd be interested in! In every tub of wipes and package of diapers, there is a 15 digit code that you can enter on the pampers website. That code is worth a varied number of points. You build up points that you can then use to  purchase items in their "reward catalog". It's really quite simple. It's certainly easier if you're actually buying these items, because you get the codes a lot faster. But, if you follow the hip2save website, she'll list 5-10 point codes periodically that you can use. Also, if you have your child in some sort of childcare facility where there are small children in diapers, ask the owners if they'll save the codes for you from their diaper packages. If you prefer Huggies, they also have a "Enjoy the Ride" program that works the same way. Some of the rewards include things like credit at Snapfish, coupons for free baby products (Dreft, diapers, wipes), games, toys, books, and there's even a Radio Flyer Tricycle on there! 

Bebe Bella is having a 70% off all Discontinued Apparel Sale. It includes all Satin and Minky Apparel! I've ordered several things from them and they are absolutely precious! Great for baby presents!!!

Sale Pricing
 Dress: $10.80 Retail $36.00
 Top: $9.00 Retail $30.00
Skirt: $6.00 Retail $20.00
 Capri: $6.00 Retail $20.00

 Code: satin70
 Expires: February 15th
 use code during checkout to receive discount
 **not valid with any other offer*
Visit www.bebebelladesigns.com 

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