Feb 6, 2012

Little Reminders

1) When wanting to print internet coupons (normally found on coupons.com), log-in to your swagbucks account and do the following so that you can earn 10 Swagbucks every time you use one of those coupons:
Log into swagbucks (click here if you don't have a swagbucks account and want to set one up)
Click the "Earn" tab
Click "Coupons" from the drop-down menu
Click "clip" for whatever coupons you'd like
Click "Print coupons" when you've clicked everything you want
If this is your first time to print internet coupons, you'll need to download the "coupon printer". It's fast and easy!
Why do this? When you reach 450 swagbucks in your account, you can cash out for a $5 amazon.com gift card, or 635 swagbucks gets you a $5 Starbucks gift card - or choose from lots of others! The point is: if you're using these coupons anyway, why not get double the reward? Get the cash savings from the face value of the coupon AND the 10 swagbucks!

2) To find coupons on the Target website, scroll all the way to the bottom of the site and look under "Ways to Save" and click "Coupons". Or, you can go to www.target.com/coupons (sometimes this link doesn't work for me, so most of the time I just go through the main site).

3) Anytime you're shopping online (for anything but a deal site) - log into your ebates or shopathome account FIRST. Do a search for the merchant you're wanting to shop with and click the "Shop Now" button on the website. You'll be redirected to the merchant's site, but you'll earn cash back on whatever you spend! Not a member of ShopatHome or Ebates? Click on the links to sign up and start earning cash back for what you're doing already!!!

4) Download the Harris Teeter (if you're in North or South Carolina) and Savingstar aps if you have an iPhone or Android operating system! These aps are true time savers!!! Load those loyalty card numbers and click the coupons you want! This is such an easy way to save money without having to clip a single coupon!

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