Feb 22, 2012

Target Visit

I just got back from Target and found a few things that I've talked about in my Coupon Classes, so I thought I'd post a little update!

This is the almost the exact pack of toilet paper that was included in the amazing deal (that got me nearly a year's worth of toilet paper). The coupons in this pack are not quite as good as the ones in last year's (in my opinion) - but there are still some really good ones! This week at Target, you can do the following deal:
Buy 2 packs of this variety of Toilet paper for $10.49 each (normally $11.79) = $20.98
Use two $1.00 coupons (from Ebony Magazine)
Pay $18.98
Get $5.00 gift card back
Total Net Spent: $13.98 or $6.99/pack (which is over 40% off the original price)

As consumers, we've been programmed to think that if you buy a in bulk we're going to get a better price; but that's not always the case. I'm not sure if you can see the pricing on these pull-ups, but the top row shows the smaller 24-count packages of pull-ups for $9.49. The bottom row shows the large pack of 48 count pull-ups for $19.79. If you do the math, $9.49 x 2 = $18.98. That's the same number of pull-ups as the larger package for 81¢ less - just buy buying two smaller packages rather than 1 large one! Now, there is a promotion going on right now - if you buy 2 large packages you get a $5 gift card. If you do the deal, here are the coupons that you could use to make it pretty good: 
Buy 2 large packages of Pull-Ups for $19.79 each = $39.58
Use 2 Target Coupons here for $2.00 each
Use 2 Manufacturer Coupons for $2.00 each
Pay $31.58
Get back $5 gift card
Total Net Spent: $26.58 (for the equivalent of 4 packages @ $6.64 each)

OR, buy the smaller packages for a BETTER DEAL:

Buy 4 packages of the smaller packages of Pull-Ups @ $9.49 each = $37.96
Use 4 Target Coupons here for $2.00 each
Use 4 Manufacturer Coupons (from Sunday Paper) for $2.00 each
Pay $21.96 or $5.49 per package
*In order to get 4 Target Coupons, you'll need to print from 2 different computers since the print limit is 2!

This is another case of bulk not being better! The 3-pack of the Mento's UP2U gum sells for $2.99 at Target. When you pair the $1.00 manufacturer coupon with the $1.00 Target coupon here, it comes to 99¢ for the 3-pack, or 33¢ per pack - which is pretty good. However, the single packs sell for $1.24 and when you use a $1.00/1 single pack manufacturer coupon - that comes to only 24¢/pack. To make the deal even better, Target has also posted a Target Coupon for 55¢ off single packs. So, that makes them FREE!!! I didn't have access to a 2nd computer at the time I printed my coupons, so I could only print 2 Target Coupons - but I had 6 manufacturer coupons as was able to do the following deal:
6 packs of UP2U gum @ $1.24 = $7.44
Used 6 Manufacturer coupons for $1.00/1
Used 2 Target Coupons for 55¢/1
Paid 34¢ for 6 packs of gum or about 6¢/pack!!!!

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