Feb 12, 2012

Lot 18 - great deal on fantastic wine + free shipping!

Lot 18 is a deal site that sells exclusive wine, coffee, and chocolate; three of my most favorite things! :-)

Lot 18 has a deal going on right now for free shipping (normally $9.99) on some of their select 1/2 cases. They have a 2008 Ruston Cuvee Simone Napa Cabernet Blend 1/2 case of 1/2 bottles (375 ml) for $48. This may seem a little steep for 1/2 bottles, but a full 750 ml bottle retails for $26.99. So, if you purchased 3 regular size bottles (to equal the same amount of wine) at $26.99, you'd pay $80.97 + tax and shipping. Here you get 6 individual bottles for only $48 of a wine that rates #30 in the top 100 wines of 2012 (according to vinopedia.com). Plus - you get free shipping! This would make a great addition to a picnic basket, or a wonderful gift basket, or a little happy! Or this is a great option if you want just 2 glasses at a time; you won't have to worry about re-sealing the bottle! At only $8/bottle for such a high quality wine, that's pretty hard to beat!

Have a hard time justifying spending $4/glass of wine? Here's a little price comparison. My husband used to work in the restaurant business and the rule of thumb is to sell a single glass of wine for the wholesale cost of the bottle; that's a mark-up of about 3 1/2 times. So, if you go to a restaurant and pay $10 for a glass of wine (pretty average in my area), then you're drinking a roughly $10 bottle of wine wholesale, or about $13-14 retail. With the wine featured above, you'd be paying about $20/glass. Since most restaurants don't sell wines by the glass that are that high, you'd probably have to buy it by the bottle - which would likely cost you about $58 (or $12-14/glass - depending on whether you get 4 or 5 glasses out of the bottle).

So, paying $4/glass for a high-quality wine is a fantastic deal! Next time you want to have a girl's night - you could invite people over to your house and provide wine for everyone for the same amount of money that you would have spent on just yourself at a restaurant!

Please use the links above (or here) to sign up for a free account with Lot 18!

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