Feb 9, 2012

Earth Fare - Welcome Home, Feed Your Phone, and Boot Challenge

If you haven't jumped on the Earth Fare band wagon yet, here are some pretty good incentives!

Text the word "EAT" to 71700 
and you'll get the following mobile coupons: 
$10 off a $25 purchase coupon (keep in mind, this coupon expires about 24 hours after they text it to you, so probably best to do it right before you go shopping!)

AND you'll be signed up for their on-going "Feed your Phone" promo. They are currently doing 7 days of mobile coupons, leading up to Valentine's Day.
Yesterday's Coupon: Free Chocolove Chocolate Bar with $5 purchase
Today's Coupon: Free Aura Cacia 13oz Bubble Bath with $10 purchase

**BE AWARE: these are mobile coupons and you will be charged text messaging fees where applicable!**

Also, go to www.earthfare.com and sign up for the "Welcome Home" promotion. You'll get a coupon for a free item every week, in addition to the sign-up bonus of a free whole chicken! This week's coupon is $3 off/lb of their filet mignon!

And lastly, be sure to take their boot challenge once a month - where you can exchange a commonly used household item (with harmful ingredients) for their better/healthier version for FREE! One of the cool things about this promo is that the item you trade in doesn't have to be brand new! They just want you to raid your pantry/medicine cabinet and get rid of the "bad" item and give theirs a try!

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