Feb 29, 2012

Special Restaurant.com Deal

Log-in to your ShopatHome account (click here if you don't have one). 
Do a search for Restaurant.com
Click on "Shop Now" beside the Restaurant.com header
Find Gift Certificates that you'd like at Restaurant.com and add to your cart. 
Enter "LEAP" as the promo code for 80% off. 
Get 35% cash back in your shopathome account!

We just got an invite from some good friends to join them for a pre-Paddy's Day celebration at Dandelion Market (an Irish Pub). He's from Ireland and plays in an Irish band that will be performing that night - so it should be tons of fun!!!  So, I checked on restaurant.com and there is a gift certificate on there for Dandelion Market on there! I paid $4 for a $25 gift certificate, and I'll get $1.40 cash back in my shopathome account! The certificate is good towards a $35 purchase + 18% gratuity (with no exclusions on alcohol or special events). When it's all said and done, we'll spend a total of $18.70 on what would have normally cost us $41.30!!! That's a savings of 55% (after you factor in the cost of the certificate, what we're required to spend, and gratuity)! Not too shabby for a fun evening out!!!

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