Oct 3, 2011

Super Cheap Diapers for Charlotte People

Before you can do the deal below, you must have a Savingstar account and a Harris Teeter eVic account. Remember, having an eVic account at Harris Teeter is NOT the same as having a VIC account.
1) Load the $2 Huggies Slip-on Diaper coupon from Savingstar 
2) Load the $1.50 Huggies Diaper Coupon on your eVic account
3) Use the $3 Huggies Slip-On Diaper Manufacturer coupon (found in the 10/3 paper, the manufacturer coupon in the CVS mailer, or in the Sunday paper several weeks ago that expires on 10/8). 

You can use all three of these on a single package of diapers at Harris Teeter. I'm not exactly sure how much the diapers are at Harris Teeter this week - but this should make for a pretty good deal especially if they're on sale!

Also, on Harris Teeter eVic special until tomorrow (10/4) are Pampers Diapers for $5.99 (limit 2). If you've got some Pampers coupons (which they've been pretty sparse lately) - that will make for a good deal! The only e-coupons on Pampers are for boxes - and those aren't on sale! :(

Sorry if you're not in the Charlotte area...

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