Oct 20, 2011


Hope y'all aren't tired of Plum District Deals yet... :)

They have quite a few really cheap options going on right now that I thought I'd throw out there as options! First, you'll need a Plum District Account. When you sign up for one, you'll get an instant $5 credit that you can immediately apply to any of the Plum Deals (but not the Plum Steals). So do that first by clicking here.

Then you should get an email in the next 24 hours that says "Unwrap your surprise treat inside". It'll have a promo code that's good for 10%, 25%, 50%, or even 100% off your purchase! Mine was for 25% off. I'm assuming that's going to be the most common - so we'll go with that figure for the examples below.

$15 for Shampoo, Cut, and Style at Living Art Salon in Fort Mill, SC!!! If you use your 25% off, that brings the total to $11.25. Then you could use your $5 sign-up credit - and you'll only pay $6.25 for a shampoo, cut, and style!!! That's better than you can do at the Aveda Institute! :)

$20 for Dinner and a Movie for 2 at Zapata's Mexican Restaurant (Ballantyne Area) and any AMC theater! Use your 25% discount and that brings it down to $15, then use your $5 credit. That's $10 for dinner and a movie (plus tip at the restaurant)! That's a pretty cheap date night!

Then set up a babysitting swap with some of your best friends! You babysit their kids so that they can go out on a date night, and then they babysit your kids in return! So your date night really is really only about $15 total!!!

These are just the kind of deals that I keep my eyes peeled for! 

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