Oct 3, 2011

Lot 18

If you like the deal sites and have been looking for one that offers fine wine, coffee, and gourmet food - then Lot 18 is for you! Click here to join Lot 18. Their shipping is a little steep at $9.99, but free if you buy 4 bottles at a time. They have fantastic wines normally for about 40-50% off, and sometimes more! Right now they are giving a $10 credit when you place your 1st order - that is good towards your next purchase! Plus, when you refer friends and they purchase something, they'll credit your account with $25! I think that is the most I've ever seen a deal site give you for a friend reference! With Christmas coming up - it's worth checking out. A nice bottle of wine that would normally cost $50 - shipped to a friend, family member, or client for around $25-30 is pretty sweet deal! :)

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