Oct 30, 2011

Eat Cleaner Produce Spray Set - as low as $7!!!

I'm so excited that this is available again! I bought it the last time Savemore.com featured it and I LOVE it! Having used this product for the past 4 months, I can personally say that it makes a HUGE difference in how long our produce lasts. Plus, the product itself lasts a long time. I bought the same set that they're featuring now, and I haven't even finished my first bottle - and we eat a good bit of fresh produce. I use it to wash all fruit, veggies, herbs, potatoes, etc. Anyway, if you're new to Savemore.com, sign up through this link and you'll get an instant $10 credit that CAN be used for this deal. So, you can get $35 worth of the Eatcleaner fruit and veggie wash, for only $7! There is $5.99 flat rate shipping that will be added to your order. OR, since shipping is free when you spend $40, just buy an additional $6 worth of product, and shipping is free! (Since your voucher will good for $34.75 in product, the additional $6 will get you over the $40 mark - so your total out of pocket expense will be $13, but 100% of that will go to products - rather than $5.99 of it going to shipping.)

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