Sep 1, 2011

September Friday Freebie: $31 Gift Certificate

 Happy September! September is a special month to me! Why? Well, for reasons that are obvious to everyone: the new school year starts (I'm like a kid in a candy store - walking through all the school supply isles!!!), fall begins and it starts getting cooler, talk of Christmas begins, the count-down to my birthday... :) And speaking of birthdays - my family packs them in during the month of September! My own little bundle of joy will turn one this month, one of my younger sisters will celebrate her last year in her 20's, my little brother will say hello to his 20's, and those are all beside my aunt, sister-in-law, nephew, and lots of friends! Such a fun month! So, to celebrate the last few months that I'm 31, my sister and I are giving away a $31 gift certificate to the fabulous thirty-one gifts and bags! If you're not familiar with thirty-one, you ought to be! They have the cutest bags, luggage, wallets, stationery, and specialty items. One of the things that is so cool about them, is that you can get almost everything monogrammed - and for only $7!!! I love to get things monogrammed, but here in Charlotte it gets expensive! The least expensive I've been able to find is starting at $10 - and that's just for 2 inch initials...and the price goes up from there depending on how many characters and how big! At thirty-one, it's a flat fee of $7 and in some cases, you can get two lines and up to 8 characters per line!

But I'm getting a little off-track now; back to the give-away! There will be a drawing on Friday, September 16th for the $31 Gift Certificate to thirty-one. Of course, there are a few things you have to do to be entered - but they're super simple!

1) Follow/Subscribe to this blog (look directly to the right - very easy)
2) Visit and view the online catalog
3) Email me at savesimplyblog(at)gmail(dot)com and give me the following:
Name, Address, and your favorite item from the catalog!

There is no purchase necessary to enter the drawing, however - with every $31 order, you get an additional entry for the gift certificate! So, buy a few Christmas presents, and then if you win the gift certificate - get something to treat yourself! Plus, my sister (the thirty-one rep) is offering some special incentives for all of you:

1) Spend $31 and get 1 of 7 *items at 1/2 off!!!
2) Spend at least $50 and get free shipping!!!

*Celebrate Card Set, Zipper Pouch, Organizing Wallet, Coin Purse Wallet, Soft Wallet, Essential Zip Wallet, and Hard Case Wallet; monogramming not included. To qualify for the free shipping, orders will have to be placed via phone and not through her website. 

 Think about it, if you spend $62, you qualify for two 1/2 price items, AND free shipping,
AND you'll be entered into the drawing a total of three times!!! Now that's a great deal! :)
Please email me at savesimplyblog(at)gmail(dot)com with any questions about placing orders!

Good luck!!!

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