Sep 26, 2011

Fantastic cheap "steal" on Plum District Today! You can get a $10 voucher at Earthfare for only $5! As most of you know, I LOVE Earthfare and we shop there about once a week, so I definitely snapped up this one!

If you have an Earthfare close by, you should definitely create an account through their website. They have a free item every week with a minimal purchase (normally have to buy at least $5 - 10 to get free item). This week you get a free package of red/orange/yellow bell peppers with a $10 purchase (a $5.69 value). Also, they have a trade-in item every 2 weeks. They ask you to bring in your main-stream item (and can even be an empty bottle/package/container) and trade it in for their healthier version - for free. We've gotten their chapstick, bug repellent, hand sanitizer, juice boxes, and cereal through trade-ins!

It is a rather pricey place to shop for general things, but if you shop their sales and use their weekly/bi-weekly coupons, it's really quite doable!

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