Sep 16, 2011

September Friday Freebie Winner is...

Rachel B. from Wisconsin!!! 

Congratulations to Rachel for winning the thirty-one $31 gift certificate! You will be getting an email from me in the next few minutes with instructions on how to redeem your gift certificate!

Thank you to Lacey Melton for sponsoring this give-away. 

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the drawing! Don't miss out on this opportunity to score some great products on the cheap! Remember that you can get one of six items at half price with each $31 order (that means a $62 order gets you two half-price items, a $93 order gets you three half-price items, and so on). Plus, once your order total reaches $50, you get free shipping!!! 

Here are some awesome ideas for Christmas presents for all of you coupon-savvy shoppers: 

Fold and Go Organizer (pages 10-11) - $24
Fill it with hand-picked coupons for your friend's favorite items!

All-in-One Organizer (pages 6-7) - $20 
Fill it with shampoos, hair products, razors, shaving cream, etc. that you've gotten for next to nothing on one of your shopping trips. Or - make it a get-well gift bag: put kleenex, cough drops, cans of chicken noodle soup, crackers, and a good book or magazine in it! So many possibilities!!! 

Zip-Up Pencil Pouch with Embroidery (pages 10-11) - $17
Save your swagbucks and cash them in for a $5 or $10 amazon gift card (or Starbucks, Target, whatever...) to put in the pouch! 

Hostess Apron (pages 12-13) - $29
Give with a bag full of everything they'll need to make a tasty dish or desert! Maybe one that you've made before that they particularly like?!?! Of course, shop around and use your coupons to get great deals on all the ingredients! :)

Thermal Tote with Embroidery (pages 6-7) - $22
There are always coupons and deals for Honest Tea, Fuze, and other teas and energy drinks - as well as Odwala Bars, PowerBars, and other granola/energy bars. Fill the tote with fun snack items that you know your friend/teahcer likes!

There are so many more possibilities! Click here to go directly to the thirty-one online catalog!!!

Thanks and check back frequently for great deals and next month's Friday Freebie!!!

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