Sep 12, 2011

Back on the Target Circuit

I did not intentionally take a break from going to Target, it just happened that way. So when I went on Saturday, it was literally the first time I had been there in over a month...and then I went again today! I was reminded why I like Target so much - and now I'm hooked again! Pictured below is everything I got to day for a grand total of $12.53 (with tax)! In case it is hard to see in the picture - that's 6 bottles of John Frieda Shampoo, 1 bottle of Up and Up Facial Scrub (my husband loves that stuff), 4 packs of Trident Gum, 2 pairs of Merona Pants, 1 Mossimo Leggings, 1 Mossimo Skirt, and 2 Mossimo Camisoles! How did I do this, you may ask? And how long did it take me to organize it? Answers: super easy and about 10 minutes!

If you're not visiting Taret's online coupon site regularly, you ought to check it out. Last week they had $5 coupons for any Mossimo or Merona item (including Clearance items). The pants were marked on clearance for $5.48 and $6.24 - so I got those for $.48 and $1.24 each. The skit was $3.74, so it price adjusted to free. The leggings were a "splurge" because they weren't on sale and I had to pay $3 for them after the coupon! :) The camisoles are on sale this week for $6, so after the coupon - only $1 each!

The shampoo was the trickiest of them all, but not too bad. John Frieda shampoos and conditioners are on sale this week for $4.99-$5.74 each, and when you buy at least 3 bottles, you get a $5 gift card. Also, if you go to the target coupon site, they have coupons for $3/2. And lastly, there was a coupon in the paper a few weeks ago for $3/2. So, here's what I did:
6 bottles of Shampoo (they didn't have any conditioner, but tons of shampoo) x $4.99 = $29.94
3 Target Coupons for $3/2 = $9
3 Manufacturer Coupons for $3/2 = $9
Paid $12.53 (with tax, after my 5% redcard discount) AND got back $10 in gift cards

I then did a separate transaction for all the clothes, facial scrub, and gum, and used my gift cards to pay for them - and still have $1.37 left on one of the cards! Oh yeah - the gum was free: I had two Target coupons for B1G1, and then a $2/3 Manufacturer coupon.

I had the cashier and the people in line behind me congratulating me and asking if I could do their shopping for them! I'd say that's a good day! :)

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