Sep 19, 2011

Plum District Charlotte

So I've mentioned Plum District before on here (I think) - but I thought that I might mention it again for all of you Charlotte people! Plum District has been national for a while, but they just launched the Charlotte District the week before last. Plum District is a lot like Groupon and Living Social - but it's specifically "for moms, by moms". You're not going to find a lot of zip-line, night-club, hot new Uptown Restaurant deals on Plum District. What you will find are deals at markets and cafes, tutoring facilities, dance classes, photography, children's entertainment, and clothes. I love Groupon and Living Social - but this definitely is a nice addition to the group-buying-power-deal-getting world. It adds a little balance. So check out Plum District (even if you're not in Charlotte, they do have national deals). 

My Favorite Charlotte Deals this week:  
$20 for an Ice Cream Mani-Pedi from Shug a Bug – a $40 Value
$150 for an 8 hour ACT/SAT Prep Course from BellaTutor - $300 Value

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