Jul 1, 2011

Savemore.com - special $10 credit just for signing up

I think I've featured Savemore.com on here before, but I think the deal they have going on right now bears repeating! Right now, just for signing up with your email address and zip code - you get an instant $10 credit! That credit can be applied immediately to any deal they have going on. So here's a deal idea: Right now they have a deal with a company called coveryourhair.com. You can get a $15 credit with that company for only $7! So, that means if you sign up with savemore.com and get your instant $10 credit, you can immediately use it for the coveryourhair deal and still have $3 left over. Once you get your code from savemore, go over to coveryourhair.com and enter in promo code JULY4 during checkout for an extra 17% off your entire order! There is a $4.99 flat rate shipping - but when you consider that your total out of pocket cost is going to be $4.99 to have it shipped to your door, and you're still going to have an additional $3 credit at savemore.com - it's a great deal! I was able to find 2 adorable knit baby hats and 2 baby barrettes for a total of $14.92 (with the 17% discount) - so I'll get those shipped to my door for $4.99. These would make wonderful baby gifts! If coveryourhair is not your thing, there are lots of other deals at savemore.com. And you don't have to use your credit immediately - so you can hold out for something you're really excited about! So click here and get started! And as an extra bonus, savemore is offering a $10 referral credit! So once you sign up, share your unique link with all of your friends and you can earn $10 when they sign up and buy a deal! Pretty awesome!!!

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