Jul 27, 2011


Giftcardrescue.com is a brilliant site that basically buys/sells your unwanted/unused (or partially used) gift cards and then re-sells them to those who do want them - at a discount! Why would you want to buy gift cards for random amounts? Well, I'm going to Panera Bread for lunch tomorrow with a friend. Unfortunately, I don't have any coupons right now for Panera Bread, and it almost makes me ill to pay full price for anything. So, I went on the giftcardrescue.com site and did a search for Panera Bread to see if they have any gift cards there that I can purchase. If they had one in stock, I could buy whatever value they have for a discount. Unfortunately, two things are wrong with my plan for this outing. 1) They didn't have any in stock - so the plan is a bust. 2) I waited too late and didn't allow enough time for them to send it to me. So, I'm out of luck for my Panera Bread lunch (maybe I can convince my friend to go somewhere I can get a good deal???) - but I thought I'd browse around the site to see what they do have! If you're a Kohl's shopper (and I know some of you are) - they currently have all kinds of GC's for 17% discount.
You can currently snag these GC's at Kohl's: 
$100 GC for $83 
$45.16 GC for $37.68
You'll get a regular GC in the mail - and then you can use whatever discounts/coupons you have on top of it!
They are also having a promotion on Home Depot and Lowe's GC's - for 9% off. That may not seem like much, but if you've got a large purchase to make - that's basically saving you your tax (which as we all know, adds up)! And all J.C. Penny cards are marked 16% off! There are hundred's of different GC's at a huge range of dollar amounts - so check it out before you go somewhere, or stock up on the stores that you frequent!

Also, if you have gift cards lying around that you don't want/need/can't use, you can get up to 90% of the value of your cards when you sell them to giftcardrescue.com! Check them out!

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