Jul 9, 2011

Deals this week at Earthfare

If you have an Earthfare in the area, you can get the following deals this week by printing off two coupons from their website:
· Athena Cantaloupe for $1.00 (coupon only good through Sunday, July 10th)
· Click on the "What you Eat" tab and then take the "Boot Challenge". Once you pick which item "gets the boot", they'll give you a coupon for a trade. This week the deal is: trade any dip with partially hydrogenated oil, and get a free Earthfare Organic Salsa! (coupon good through Tuesday, July 12th) Keep in mind, the item you trade can be practically empty! It doesn't have to be brand new at all. The whole idea is that they want you to get rid of something unhealthy that you've been eating, and try their healthier/fresher version!

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