Jul 19, 2011

Quick Tip of the Day

Ever feel guilty for throwing out the plastic cutlery that comes with take-out food? Or wonder after a BBQ or picnic, what on earth to do with all the plastic knives that come in cutlery sets? Well - I say keep them to cut brownies! I know it sounds crazy, but I learned this little trick from my mother and I haven't found anything that works as well. I have tried a super thin knife, heated under hot water - to see if that would cut through the brownies smoothly. I have tried a fancy Pampered Chef device that is supposed to deliver impressive results. But nothing cuts brownies as cleanly and effortlessly as a plastic knife. You'll notice the top horizontal cut and the first half of the 2nd cut (on the left-hand side) - how they are rougher than the rest; that was with me trying something other than the plastic knife. Then I remembered this trick and found a knife - and the rest of the cuts are perfect! This is recycling at its best! Save those knives!!!

*Also works well for cheesecake!

1 comment:

hollie said...

I have a bag full of plastic utensils that we've collected here and there. Never though to use them on brownies. Thanks!