Jul 27, 2011

Awesome Groupon Deal - $2 Fandango Movie Ticket!!!

Groupon has an amazing deal today! If you go through this link - you can get up to 2 Fandango Movie Tickets for only $2 each! I just bought this deal - so that means my hubby and I can go to any movie anytime between now and April 20, 2012. Fandango is just an online movie site where you can purchase movie tickets! Groupon will give you a code to use on Fandango when you're checking out. I've done it before an it is super simple! For only $2 per ticket - that's an AWESOME deal! Yippeee!!!

Purchase now, because the deal is only good for another 13 hours!!!

Unfortunately, this deal was so popular that it sold out already!!! Hopefully they'll do it again soon, since over 30,000 people purchased this deal in only a few hours!!! I'll try to let you know sooner next time!

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Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, I tried it through the link you posted, and it was sold out. Thanks though!