Jun 2, 2011

Last Chance to Enter the Drawing for Friday Freebie!!!

In case you've forgotten, I'll be drawing for the Friday Freebie tomorrow (June 3rd) and there is still time to get in! Speaking of time, it will only take about 2-3 minutes and you'll get the following: 
1) Subscription to this blog (how awesome is that????)! :) 
2) Deals from at least one of the amazing sites that I've featured (and if you sign up for Modnique, they're offering a free $5 credit!!!). You can certainly sign up for more than one, but one is all it takes to qualify you for entry in the Friday Freebie drawing! 
3) A chance to win June's mystery prize!!!

So...sign up now!!! 

Here's a link to the original post so you can see all the different choices you have on amazing FREE deal sites to sign up for! And I added a few more on this post!

Every site I featured is 100% free to sign-up, and several of them give credits for free merchandise when you sign up.

Good luck!

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