Jun 10, 2011

Two Movie Tickets - only $9 Total!!!!

Living Social is doing the amazing movie ticket deal again! You can get two movie tickets for a total of $9! We bought this deal about 3 months ago and used them to go see The King's Speech - so I know it works! All you do is buy the deal and within 48 hours they will email you a code to use on Fandango.com to get your movie tickets free. You don't have to use the code immediately - you have until September 9th! If you're not signed up for livingsocial.com yet - I think you'll get a $5 credit when you sign up through this link! So, you could potentially get 2 movie tickets for only $4! So, click here now! The deal ends at midnight tonight (this is being posted on Friday at 1:30 pm).

*Before you buy, make sure that your movie theater accepts printed internet tickets through fandango.com! There is a limit to one deal per customer - so you can't stock up! :( It's not valid on Imax or 3D movies.

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