Jun 2, 2011

Coupon Clippers Club

A few weeks ago while I was shopping at Harris Teeter, a lady and I happened to both be looking at the same thing. Normally I just keep my head down and focus on what I'm doing...because I'm in a rush, or don't want to get distracted, or whatever. But I noticed that we both had the same coupons in our hands and had that "searching" look. You can tell a fellow serious couponer when you see one - and I just knew. Having just converted to a new method of organization, I was curious to see what she was using - and happened to notice that she had the same print out from Southern Savers that I did! So we struck up a conversation and in the end she invited me to come to her Coupon Clippers meeting! I was intrigued - what was this? Something about couponing that I was completely unaware of? Going on in my own city??? Well, she and some other ladies meet on the first Sunday afternoon of the month at a local restaurant and exchange coupons! How cool is that? She sends out an email early the week before to remind everyone and to start a wish-list exchange. That way, when you get to the meeting, you'll already have the coupons pulled that you know the others are looking for! Plus, from the sounds of this group - they are varied in ages and interests - so not everyone is looking for Huggies Diapers or Contact Lens Solution! This Sunday will be my first meeting and I'm SO excited! I think it is such a brilliant idea. I have a friend from where I grew up who hosts a coupon swap online (she has a page on Facebook called Coupon Exchange - anyone can join), so I do that. But I think it is such a neat idea to meet with people in your community and help each other out in this way! It's so simple, yet so brilliant! And we all know how much I love simple! :)

I'll post back on Monday and let you all know how it went! In the meantime - organize one of your own! It couldn't get much easier than this to get the coupons you want/need. No ordering, no waiting for them to come through the mail, no having to pay for them! Have fun!

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