Jun 10, 2011

Charmin Toilet Paper Coupons

I've posted a toilet paper deal that I've gotten a couple of times at Target - so I thought that maybe I'd show y'all exactly what I'm talking about. So, the picture here is of the pack that has the super awesome coupons in it! It is the 18-count Big Rolls of the Charmin Sensitive. You can see in the upper right-hand corner where it says "Save $30". That's what you're looking for. Personally, this happens to be my favorite variety of Charmin TP - so it's perfect! Now, here is where the wheelin' and dealin' comes in. The $30 in coupons inside would be enough of an incentive to buy this particular package of coupons. My Target usually sells it for $11.79/package, but regularly puts it on sale for $9.99/package. But what to look out for is the super sale that Target does once a quarter (at least that's my experience) where not only do they mark it down to $9.99, but they'll give you a $5 Gift Card when you buy two packages! So, if you have to have toilet paper now, go ahead and buy this package (in fact, buy two). There are always small coupons for Charmin that will help a little, but what you're primarily after are the coupons inside. So if you've got to buy TP (which let's face it - everyone does) - buy this package! Here are the coupons you'll find inside:

Venus Razor - $2.00
Tide Stain Release - $3.00
Charmin Freshmates - $1.00
Tide Free and Clear Detergent - $3.00
Gillette Clinical Deodorant - $2.00
Secret Clinical Deodorant - $1.00
Gillette Body Wash - $2.00
Prilosec - $2.00
Charmin Sensitive - $2.00
Pampers Swaddlers - $2.00
Bounce Free and Sensitive - $1.00
Olay Facial Moisturizer - $2.00
Align - $5.00
Metamucil - $1.00
Puffs (3 count) - $1.00
Head and Shoulders - $1.00

The key ones to take note of (for the purpose of this post) are the Charmin ones! There is a $2/1 Sensitive pack of TP and there is a $1/1 Charmin Freshmates.
So, the next time Target puts this on sale with the gift card promotion, I can do the following (if I've bought two packages and have 2 sets of coupons...which I do):

Buy 2 packages @ $9.99 each = $19.98
Buy 2 Freshmates Packages @ $2.74 each =  $5.48
Total: $24.96
Use 2 Target Coupons for $2.50 off 6-pack or larger Charmin AND Freshmates (these were in the paper a while back - so you may not have these; even if you don't - it's still a great deal)
Use 2 MF Coupons (from previous package of TP) for $2.00 off Sensitive TP
Use 2 MF Coupons (from previous package of TP) for $1.00 off Freshmates
Total after coupons: $13.96
And you'll get a $5.00 Target Gift Card
Total Net: $8.96 
for two 18-packs of TP AND two Freshmates packages!!!

*If you don't have the Target Coupons, then you'll do this: 
Buy two packages of the TP = $19.98, 
Use 2 $2/1 Charmin Sensitive Coupons = $15.98 + tax. 
Then you'll get the $5 GC back - so net spent will be $10.98 + tax!
Considering that when the TP is NOT on sale the cost is $11.97 + tax, 
it's still a great deal to get two packages for $10.98!

Once you've done this - then you'll have 2 more sets of coupons and be ready for the next time the TP goes on super-sale. Plus you'll have all of the other great coupons in the pack!

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