Jun 4, 2011

Friday Freebie: And the winner is...

Hollie A.

Congratulations to Hollie A. - winner of the June Friday Freebie! Thanks so much for entering the drawing and subscribing to this blog! Hollie, your mystery prize is an... iSlice! It should be arriving at your house in 2-5 business days! Here is a description of what you'll be getting:

iSlice is the most useful tool you'll ever own! Safely clip, cut and open thousands of items. The ergonomically shaped iSlice features a built-in magnet and recessed high tech zirconium-oxide ceramic blade that resists wear and never rusts or dulls.
Easy to use!
  • Built-in magnet for easy storage
  • Cuts coupons & recipes
  • Opens difficult plastic packages and clamshells
  • Great for scrapbooking
  • Opens new CD packaging
  • The uses are limitless!
Hold your iSlice between thumb and index finger. Drag along length of item being cut, making sure iSlice is PARALLEL to surface. The iSlice will not work if it is held at an angle.
When cutting on a hard surface, such as a countertop of table, always use a protective barrier to avoid scratching surfaces.
iSlice is magnetic so it can be easily stored on metal surfaces such as refrigerators and filing cabinets.
Thousands of Uses:
  • CLIPS: Recipes, coupons, photos, stamping, scrap booking, newspaper & magazine articles
  • OPENS: Shrink-wrap, CDs, videos, DVDs, plastic bags, snack bags, cereal bags, safety seals, vacuum packed food
  • Cuts: Single sheets of paper, art projects, gift wrap paper, masking tape, cellophane tape and much, much more! 
 The Friday Freebie for July will be posted sometime next week - so check back soon so you can get in on the drawing!!!!


hollie said...

Thanks so much! I've never seen an islice before...sounds cool. Maybe it will even motivate me to catch up on my coupon clipping!

Anna Pryor said...

Congratulations Hollie!

Lacey said...

Cool! And congrats Hollie...you'll have to let us know how ya like it and then tell us where we can get it...with a coupon of course;-)

hollie said...

I got the islice in the mail today. It's such a neat gadget (and the magnet idea is genius). The kids were super excited to try it out...I like that they can't cut themselves on it. Thanks so much! I might have to order a few more!!!