Nov 23, 2011


Thanksgiving is a really special time of year for me. It brings back such amazingly wonderful memories of when I was a child. It was when all of my family on my dad's side got together - for 4-5 days!!! All of the cousins put on a Thanksgiving Day show that we prepared for months in advance. We sang, danced, told jokes, did skits. Every one of the cousins was involved in some way - and there were a lot of us. We even made programs and charged admission one year! Nobody went shopping the day after Thanksgiving, but all the cousins had their picture taken with Santa and then we went roller skating (yes, I'm dating myself). Then on Saturday, the kids made brunch with Grandma, parents watched college football games, and we played, and played, and played...outside! No wii, dsi, dvd's, or cell phones! Everyone was just so thankful to be together! So my wish for you this Thanksgiving is not that you find great deals on Black Friday, but that you have a wonderful time with your family - making wonderful memories that will make you smile and bring tears to your eyes 25 years later!

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