Nov 16, 2011

Harris Teeter - 15% off 1/2 cases of Wine!!!

One of my favorite anytime wines is Rex Goliath. I first had this wine about 5 years ago when I lived in Louisiana, where it could only be purchased at the only wine store in town for about $10/bottle. Since moving to NC I can regularly find it on sale at Harris Teeter for $6.99/bottle. Well, the "Tajma Teeter" on Morrison has it on super sale for 2/$10!!! Stack that with the 15% off 1/2 case deal starting tomorrow (11/17), and that makes for some awesome savings!!!

Buy 6 bottles of Rex Goliath (mix and match Chardonnay, Cabernet, or my personal favorites: Pinot Noir and Merlot) at $5.00 each = $30.00 - 15% ($4.50) = $25.50 + tax. If you figure that the normal "sale" price is $7/bottle - you're saving an additional $16.50 - and over 50% off the retail price! That's almost unheard of for wine! Great stock-up price!!!

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