Nov 28, 2011

FREE SHIPPING at = Super Cheap

Remember the awesome deal site I was telling you about last week ( where I designed those square calling cards? Well, they're offering free shipping today only!!! Yippeee!!!!  

Use promo code: CYBERSHIP11!!! 

If you don't have the sign-up credit yet, it's NOT too late! Click here to create a free account and you'll get $25 added immediately! Fantastic time to get some free or super cheap products! 
Remember, free shipping is today only!!!

UPDATE: The $25 sign-up credit is good on a purchase of $30 or more. So, just keep in mind that you'll have to spend $5 in order to make use of your credit. Also, once you sign-up, you'll get a referral link that allows you to share with your friends and the chance to earn $25 credit for each that signs up. Pretty cool! However, you do not get the referral credit until their order SHIPS. So, it's not just when they sign-up, or even when they order, but when their order has shipped! 


hollie said...

Thanks for the heads up about free shipping. The $25 credit is good on purchases of $30 or more so you will have to spend at least $5 out of pocket. Still an awesome deal!

Lisa said...

Thanks Hollie!!!! I had actually forgotten about the $30 stipulation! Appreciate the reminder on that!!!

Larry and Amy Pederson said...

The free shipping only works on holiday items.

Lisa said...

I talked to the customer service 3 times today. Their site is getting slammed because of this great promotion, and they are having quite a lot of trouble getting the promo codes to apply properly. She assured me that any orders placed today will be reimbursed the cost of shipping, if you will email them with your order number and the problem you had. She was emphatic that ALL orders would be reimbursed The $7.95 shipping, so I hope that's true (since I ordered the square calling cards I posted about)!