Nov 21, 2011

BellaSole Shoes as low as $8.14 shipped!!!

I would love to be a high-heel girl, but I'm just not. I LOVE what used to be called "ballet flats". Well, I was just checking out what Plum District is offering today and found these shoes that look absolutely amazing! BellaSole flats come in 8 different colors and can be neatly and quickly folded up to fit in your purse! How cool is that?!?!?! You've got to check out their website here! Also, shipping for one pair is only $3.24! So here's what you do:
- Go to and set up an account - get a $5 instant credit
- Add the BellaSole deal to your cart - $11
- Use promo code pdx10 for 10% off (will take off $1.10)
- Pay a total of $4.90 (after promo code and sign-up credit)
- Use voucher number to buy shoes on BellaSole + $3.24 shipping
- Pay a grand total of $8.14 for a pair of shoes shipped to your door that would normally cost $25.23!!!

Even if you don't have any plum credit you'll pay a total of $13.14 shipped, which is still a great deal!!!!

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