Nov 24, 2011

Movie Tickets - $3.50 each

The children are napping (and some adults too), and all the Thanksgiving food is in the oven - so I thought I'd take a few minutes to post this great movie ticket deal! If you're unfamiliar with buying movie tickets through, don't be nervous; it's super easy! This is what you do to get these tickets for so cheap:
1) Go to and enter your zip code to see if there are theaters in your area that accept fandango tickets.
2) If so, click here and set up a free account with tippr (another deal site) and you'll get a $5 instant credit!
3) No matter where you actually live, go ahead and look on the upper right and change the city to Atlanta.
4) Then click on the movie tickets 2 for $12 banner. Then click the red "buy now" button.
5) After your $5 sign-up credit automatically applies, you'll get both tickets for $7.
6) On Monday, you'll get an email saying your voucher code is ready.
7) When you're ready to go to a movie, log-in to your tippr account, get your code, and go to
 - Find the movie you want to watch, and click the purchase online option.
 - Use your code and they'll be free! Print and take with you to the theater! :)

Since the code will not expire until January 12th, I went ahead and bought it and will just "keep it on hand" for when we want to go to a movie. And you can buy up to 10 deals (that means 20 tickets)! You'll only get the first two at $3.50, the rest will be $6.00 each. But that's still a great deal! In my area, movie tickets are $10 each - so being able to go to the movies for $12 is a heck of a lot better deal than $20 (for two of us)! This deal expires on Monday - so don't wait too long!!!

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