Jan 21, 2012

Give Away!!!

Probably my favorite deal site is Plum District! Their tag line is "For Moms, By Moms" - and I think that is mostly true. The only change I would make to that would be "For Women, by Women"! So if you're not a mom, don't think it's not for you! Of any of the deal sites, I find special, in-expensive, high-quality items there! So, I'm doing a special promotion for those who haven't yet jumped on the Plum District band-wagon to give you the push you need! Here's all you have to do:

1) Sign up for a totally free account with Plum District HERE (all you have to do is enter an email address, whatever password you'd like, and your zip code) and you'll get an immediate $5 credit!

2) Post a comment on this post that you've signed up and you'll be entered into a drawing for one of three $5 Plum District Gift Cards! If you win, that means you'll have a total of $10 in Plum District credit to apply to any deal! 

The drawing will be held on Friday, January 27th!

***If you have already set up a Plum District Account, 
but have not made your 1st purchase - you may still enter this drawing!***

The link above is my referral link; I ask that you use it to sign up for your Plum District account so that I can continue to offer special promotions like this one! Thanks so much!

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