Jan 12, 2012

Fitness Deals in Charlotte

A while back I bought a Living Social deal for tennis clinics with Upchurch Tennis. I took the clinics and liked them so much that I even paid full price (gasp) to take a few extra! Well, Living Social is running another great tennis clinic deal with Upchurch tennis right now!!! Here's what you can get:
Five 60-minute group clinics - $30
Five 90-minute group clinics - $40
Two 60-minute private lessons - $49

I can personally vouch for Upchurch Tennis (operate out of Jeff Adams Tennis Center); they are fabulous!

MoveStudio Charlotte is my favorite Pilates/Yoga studio in Charlotte! Once again, I found out about them through a Living Social deal back in June. I started going on July and haven't stopped! They are offering two amazing deals to get your New Year started off on the right foot! 

Unlimited Classes for January - March - for only $50/month. You have to create an online account through their website and then sign up for an automatic draft for the $50/month. The unlimited pass is normally $85/month - so this is an amazing savings!

$5 Saturday Class at 9:30! If you're not so sure you want to commit to $50/month before trying it out - go to their $5 Saturday classes! The normal drop-in rate is $15, so this is a huge savings. Most weeks it will be Yoga with an occasional Pilates class thrown in. There will be a different instructor every week - so it is a great way to try everyone out and see which style you like best! They may even start offering child-watch during this class! Wouldn't that be a cool New Year's resolution: to start each Saturday morning with your significant other doing Yoga or Pilates?!?!?!

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