Jan 21, 2012

A Few Things

Shoprunner is a pretty cool shipping service that you might want to take opportunity to check out here. They offer free shipping to 100's of different sites (including ToysRus, Domino's Pizza, and many others). You can sign-up for a trial membership for 30 days and just see if you like it!

Coldwater Creek has a RedTag event going on right now with items marked down as low as 85%. I'm relatively new to shopping at Coldwater Creek - but I've bought a pair of flip-flops and a set of linen napkins from them in the past 6 months and love them both! Great quality. If you like them, go through Shopathome or Ebates first and get 2% cash back on whatever you spend. Also, if you're going for something big, enter in code WHF3845 to get $20 off a purchase of $80 or more!

Lands' End has opened "The Warehouse" where items are marked up to 65% off! They are also offering free shipping - with no minimum. Once again, if you start at ShopatHome or Ebates, you will receive 2.5% cash back!

Don't know how to shop through Ebates or ShopatHome? Simply click on the links above and set up an account. Anytime you want to shop online, start at one of those websites and do a search for the merchant that you're wanting to shop with (Target, Joe's New Balance, your local newspaper, pretty much anything)! After you've created and logged-in to your accont, click "Shop Now" by the merchant of your choice and ShopAtHome/Ebates will track your purchase and credit your account with the promised cash back percentage within 30 days! Once your account reaches $5, you can cash out! A great way to earn a little cash back for virtually every online purchase!

Reminder: Swagbucks is a great way to earn "bucks" for what you're doing already! Surfing the web? Use their browser and earn swagbucks! Printing coupons online through coupons.com? Log-in to your swagbucks account 1st and go to the "Earn" tab and choose "Coupons" from the drop down menu. It will redirect you to the coupons.com site (so you're seeing the exact same coupons) - but you'll earn 10 swagbucks for every coupon that you use! Do you use msn or yahoo as your home page? Change it to swagbucks so you're reminded to use it every day! Answer their daily poll question (takes about 10 seconds) and get an extra swagbuck! Download their toolbar and get an extra swagbuck every day when you log-on to the internet! It's so easy to rack up those swagbucks and when you get 450, you can cash in for various gift cards! Or save them up for something big and special! Not a swagbucks user yet? Sign up here and get started! It's super easy & you'll get 30 swagbucks to get you started!

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