Apr 16, 2012

Would've, Should've, Could've

I made a silly rookie mistake: I let a Up+ Reward expire! I was so excited about my $4 in Up+ Rewards and had planned exactly what I was going to use it for - only to look at it closely and see that it expired YESTERDAY!!! Such a bummer!

So, if I had been the organized and "on top of things" person that I long to be, this is what I could've done (and my students would've LOVED the addition to the prize bag)! Mentos are on sale 4/$2 (regularly 69¢ each) + you get a $1 Up+ reward when you buy 4! My Plan:
Buy 8 Mentos for $4
Use my previously earned $4 Up+ Rewards
Pay only tax
Get another $2 in Up+ Rewards ($1 for each set of 4) 

Buy another 4 Mentos for $2
Use my $2 Up+ Rewards
Pay only tax
Get another $1 Up+ Reward

Buy 2 more Mentos for $1
Pay Only Tax

Total: 14 Mentos Candies
Total Spent: Only Tax

I should've done it yesterday - but I didn't! Live and still learning. . . :-(

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