Apr 6, 2012

Earth Fare Goodies

Earth Fare's FREE items this week revolve around one of my favorite things: CHEESE!!!!

Babybel Cheese! You only have to spend $5 to get a free package of Babybel Cheese made by Laughing Cow! Just go to the earthfare.com site, register for a "Welcome Home" account, and then follow the clues to find the hidden coupon for free cheese!

Take the "Boot Challenge" and you can get a free bag of Barbara's Baked Cheese Puffs - made with all natural ingredients when you trade in any cheese puffs made with artificial ingredients (Cheetos)!

I also got a text coupon this morning for Tulips!!! You can get 10 stems of tulips for only $1 with any $10 purchase! If you're not signed up for Earth Fare's text promotion, just text the word "Eat" to 71700! 

So here's my plan: 
I'll go to Earth Fare and get $25 worth of groceries/supplements so that I can use my $5/$25 purchase coupon from the City Pass Book. I'll then qualify for all of my other goodies: 
Free Babybel Cheese (about a $6 value)
$1 for 10 Tulips (estimating $6 value)
Trade in my Cheetos for healthy Barbara's Baked Cheese Puffs (estimating $4 value)

All totaled, I'll get about $41 worth of groceries for about $20! Saving at least 50% is my goal at the regular grocery stores when I have big-time coupons to use. Considering Earth Fare is what I consider to be a high-end store (a lot like Whole Foods), being able to save 50% is HUGE! So excited! 

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